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Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources

M.L. 2018 ENRTF Recommendations

2018 Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund Recommendations

At its meetings on October 17, 2017, the LCCMR selected 65 projects for its 2018 funding recommendations totaling $45.3 million from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF). The recommendations are the result of the LCCMR's 2018 Request for Proposal (RFP) process, in which 217 proposals requesting a total of approximately $183 million were received and considered through a competitive, multi-stage evaluation process. The recommendations range from funding the full proposal and dollar amount requested to partial funding for specific proposal elements. The LCCMR will meet in November and December to finalize its funding recommendations package before the recommendations are submitted to the 2018 Minnesota Legislature to consider for funding.


Viewing Original Proposals and Draft Work Plans

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Topic Area
$ Recommended
Percentage of Total Recommendation
Subd. 03 Foundational Natural Resource Data and Information
(12 Recommendations)
$7,239,000 16.07%
Subd. 04 Water Resources
(11 Recommendations)
$5,275,000 11.62%
Subd. 05 Technical Assistance, Outreach, and Environmental Education
(12 Recommendations)
$5,168,000 11.39%
Subd. 06 Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species
(6 Recommendations)
$5,760,000 12.69%
Subd. 07 Air Quality and Renewable Energy
(4 Recommendations)
$1,750,000 3.86%
Subd. 08 Methods to Protect or Restore Land, Water, and Habitat
(7 Recommendations)
$2,569,000 5.66%
Subd. 09 Land Acquisition, Habitat, and Recreation
(12 Recommendations)
$17,439,000 38.42%
Subd. 10 Contract Agreement Reimbursement
(1 Recommendation)
$135,000 0.30%
TOTAL $ RECOMMENDATION $45,389,000 100%

Fund Source

$ Recommended
FY 2019 - Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF) $45,389,000
Total $ $45,389,000

*NOTE: Region of Impact designated in the State include Statewide, Central, Metro, NE, NW, SE, SW. Metro region includes the 11 counties of Anoka, Carver, Chisago, Dakota, Hennepin, Isanti, Ramsey, Scott, Sherburne, Washington, and Wright.

Draft Work Plan

Original Proposal


Total LCCMR $



Region of Impact*
Subd. 03 Foundational Natural Resource Data and Information
(12 Recommendations - Subtotal = $7,293,000)
001-A County Geologic Atlases - Part A $2,500,000 U of MN - MN Geological Survey Dale Setterholm Statewide
002-A County Geologic Atlases - Part B $1,500,000 MN DNR Paul Putzier Statewide
003-A Providing Critical Water Quality Information for Lake Management $250,000 U of MN Jeffrey Peterson Statewide
004-A Minnesota Biodiversity Atlas - Phase 2 $350,000 U of MN - Bell Museum of Natural History George Weiblen Statewide
006-A Peatland Forest Management $600,000 U of MN Marcella Windmuller-Campione Central, NW, NE
013-A Assessing Natural Resource Benefits Provided by Lichens and Mosses $213,000 U of MN Daniel Stanton Statewide
014-A Develop a System to Assess Wildlife Health Threats in Minnesota $280,000 U of MN Kimberly VanderWaal Statewide
016-A Conservation of Minnesota's Forest Birds of Management Concern $500,000 U of MN - Duluth NRRI Alexis Grinde Central, NW, NE
018-A Mapping Avian Movement in Minnesota $200,000 U of MN - Duluth NRRI Gerald Niemi Statewide
022-A Improve Trout Stream Management by Understanding Variable Winter Thermal Conditions $400,000 U of MN Leonard Ferrington SE
011-A Conserving Minnesota's Nine Species of Freshwater Turtles $300,000 Minnesota Zoological Garden Seth Stapleton Central, Metro, SE
030-A Develop Sonar Data Mapping on Three Rivers to Assess Native Mussel Habitat Suitability $200,000 National Park Service Nancy Duncan Metro
Foundational Natural Resource Data and Information Subtotal = $7,293,000      
Subd. 04 Water Resources
(11 Recommendations - Subdtotal = $5,275,000)
035-B Wastewater Treatment Plant Optimization Pilot Program $700,000 Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Joel Peck Statewide
034-B Assess and Develop Strategies to Remove Microscopic Plastic Particle Pollution from Minnesota Water Bodies $300,000 U of MN Filippo Coletti Statewide
037-B Reduce Chlorides in Minnesota Waters by Evaluating Road Salt Alternatives and Pavement Innovations $400,000 U of MN John Gulliver Statewide
041-B Protect Water Quality with Efficient Removal of Contaminants in Stormwater Treatment Ponds $325,000 St. Cloud State University Heiko Schoenfuss Statewide
048-B Develop a Small and Inexpensive Community Drinking Water Purification System $425,000 U of MN Tianhong Cui Statewide
054-B Evaluate Emerging Pathogens in Lakes, Rivers, and Tap Water to Keep Drinking Water Safe $325,000 U of MN Timothy LaPara Statewide
064-B Characterize Unregulated Contaminants in Source Water and Drinking Water $1,000,000 Minnesota Department of Health Stephen Robertson Statewide
039-B Mapping Antibiotic Resistance in Minnesota to Help Protect Environmental, Animal, and Human Health $750,000 U of MN Randall Singer Statewide
055-B Farmer-led Expansion of Alfalfa Production to Increase Water Protection $500,000 U of MN Nicholas Jordan SW, SE
057-B Using Perennial Grain Crops in Wellhead Protection Areas to Protect Groundwater $250,000 Minnesota Department of Agriculture Margaret Wagner Statewide
094-B Implement a Pilot Stormwater Credit Trading System in the Shell Rock River Watershed to Improve Water Quality $300,000 Shell Rock River Watershed District Courtney Christensen SE
Water Resources Subtotal = $5,275,000      
Subd. 05 Technical Assistance, Outreach, and Environmental Education
(12 Recommendations - Subdtotal = $5,168,000)
109-C Prairie Sportsman Statewide Environmental Broadcasts and Videos $300,000 Pioneer Public Televison Timothy Bakken Statewide
106-C YES! Students Take on Minnesota Water Quality Challenge $213,000 Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center Shelli-Kae Foster Statewide
112-C Get Outdoors After School Training $30,000 Project Get Outdoors Inc Sara Holger Statewide
101-C Connecting Students with Water Stewardship through Hands-on Learning $400,000 Minnesota Trout Unlimited John Lenczewski Statewide
121-C Expanding River Watch Program on the Minnesota River With High School Teams $100,000 Friends of the Minnesota Valley Ted Suss SW
099-C Increase Diversity in Environmental Careers to Serve Minnesota's Changing Demographics $750,000 Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Denise Legato Statewide
102-C Pollinator Ambassadors Program for Gardens $250,000 U of MN Elaine Evans Statewide
118-C Morris Prairie Pollinator Demonstration Area and Education $550,000 U of MN Steven Poppe Central
120-C Expanding Nature Knowledge and Experience with New Interactive Exhibits at North Mississippi River Regional Park $500,000 Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board MaryLynn Pulscher SE
127-C Update International Wolf Center Exhibits $1,000,000 International Wolf Center David Kline NE
108-C Expanding the State's Reuse Economy to Conserve Natural Resources $275,000 ReUSE Minnesota Steve Thomas Statewide
164-E Expand Materials Reuse and Recycling Jobs Program $800,000 The NetWork for Better Futures (D/B/A) Better Futures Minnesota Nick Swaggert Statewide
Technical Assisantance, Outreach, and Environmental Education Subtotal = $5,168,000      
Subd. 06 Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species
(6 Recommendeds - Subtotal = $5,760,000)
132-D Minnesota Invasive Terrestrial Plants and Pests Center - Phase 4 $3,500,000 U of MN - MITTPC Robert Venette Statewide
141-D Palmer Amaranth Detection and Eradication Continuation $431,000 Minnesota Department of Agriculture Monika Chandler Statewide
152-D Evaluate Control Methods for Invasive Hybrid Cattails $131,000 Voyageurs National Park Steve Windels NE
133-D Developing RNA Interference to Control Zebra Mussels $500,000 U.S. Geological Survey Christopher Merkes Statewide
134-D Install and Evaluate an Invasive Carp Deterrent for Mississippi River Locks and Dams $998,000 U of MN - AIS Center Peter Sorensen Statewide
139-D Determining Risk of a Toxic Algal in Minnesota Lakes $200,000 Science Museum of Minnesota - St. Croix Research Station Adam Heathcote Statewide
Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species Subtotal = $5,760,000      
Subd. 07 Air Quality and Renewable Energy
(4 Recommendations - Subtotal = $1,750,000)
158-E Develop Solar Window Concentrators for Electricity $350,000 U of MN Uwe Kortshagen Statewide
159-E Community-Scale Renewable Energy Storage System Demonstrations $550,000 U of MN - I on E Ellen Anderson Statewide
160-E Develop Inexpensive Energy from Simple Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing $300,000 U of MN Tianhong Cui Statewide
Air Quality, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy Subtotal = $2,550,000      
Subd. 08 Methods to Protect or Restore Land, Water, and Habitat
(7 Recommendations - Subtotal = $2,569,000)
178-F Nongame Wildlife Program Acceleration $1,000,000 MN DNR Carrol Henderson Statewide
195-F Develop BioMulch to Replace Plastic Soil Covering in Vegetable and Fruit Production to Increase Yield and Reduce Waste $310,000 U of MN - Lamberton Paulo Pagliari Statewide
180-F Develop Market-Based Alternatives for Perennial Crops to Benefit Water Quality and Wildlife $150,000 Science Museum of Minnesota - St. Croix Research Station Shawn Schottler Statewide
157-E Agricultural Weed Control Using Robots $550,000 U of MN - Morris Mike Reese Statewide
182-F Restoring Forests in Minnesota State Parks $250,000 MN DNR Edward Quinn Statewide
189-F Develop Timber Harvest Strategies to Minimize Soil Impacts to Maintain Healthy and Diverse Forests $200,000 U of MN Robert Slesak Statewide
186-F Restoring Wetland Invertebrates to Revive Wildlife Habitat $400,000 MN DNR Danelle Larson Statewide
179-F Preserving and Restoring Minnesota's Native Orchids - Phase 2 $259,000 U of MN - Landscape Arboretum David Remucal Statewide
Methods to Protect, Restore, and Enhance Land, Water, and Habitat Subtotal = $2,569,000      
Subd. 09 Land Acquisition, Habitat, and Recreation
(12 Recommendations - Subtotal = $17,439,000)
201-G Local Parks, Trails, and Natural Area Grants $2,000,000 MN DNR Audrey Mularie Statewide
205-G Develop a Mesabi Trail Segment From County Road 88 to Ely $600,000 St. Louis & Lake Counties Regional Railroad Authority Robert Manzoline NE
207-G Harmony State Trail Extension Land Acquisition $235,000 City of Harmony Jerome Illg SE
208-G Mississippi Blufflands State Trail - Red Wing Barn Bluff to Colvill Park Segment $550,000 City of Red Wing Jay Owens SE
212-G Swedish Immigrant Regional Trail Segment within Interstate State Park $2,254,000 Chisago County Laird Mork Central
209-G Superior Hiking Trail Enhancement Plan $100,000 Superior Hiking Trail Association Denny Caneff NE
213-G Protecting Mississippi River Headwaters Lands through a Local State and Federal Partnership $700,000 City of Baxter Josh Doty Central
215-G Protecting North-Central Minnesota Lakes $750,000 Crow Wing Soil and Water Conservation District Melissa Barrick Central
203-G Native Prairie Bank Easement Program $2,000,000 MN DNR Judy Schulte Statewide
202-G Minnesota State Trail Development $2,500,000 MN DNR Kent Skaar Statewide
200-G Minnesota State Parks and State Trails $2,500,000 MN DNR Jennifer Christie Statewide
199-G Scientific and Natural Areas Program $3,250,000 MN DNR Ann Pierce Statewide
Land Acquisition, Habitat, and Recreation Subtotal = $17,439,000      
Subd. 10 Administration and Contract Agreement Reimbursement
(1 Recommendation - Subtotal = $135,000)
217-H Contract Agreement Reimbursement $135,000 MN DNR Katherine Sherman-Hoehn Statewide
Administration Subtotal = $135,000      
Total $ Recommended = $45,389,000      

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