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Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources

2018 ENRTF Proposals Received - by Funding Priority Topic Area

2018 Environment and Natural Resouces Trust Fund Proposals Received - by Funding Priority Topic Area

For the FY 2018 and FY 2019 biennium (July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2019), approximately $50.8 million is available each year (total = $101,656,000) for funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund. As of July 15, 2017, the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) received 217 proposals requesting a total of approximately $183 million. This RFP process is for funding beginning July 1, 2018. Approximately $45.7 million is remaining from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund to be available to recommend for project funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF). NOTE: $5,089,000 of FY19 ENRTF funds were expended by the 2017 Legislature.

The LCCMR will be meeting on September 13-14 to select proposals to call in for a presentation. Proposal presentations are scheduled for September 26, 27, 28 and October 3, 4, and 5 (as needed). Check the LCCMR schedule for the most up-to-date information on important process dates.

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A. Foundational Natural Resource Data and Information
(RECEIVED: 33 proposals/subtotal = $21,011,461 )
001-A Setterholm Dale Minnesota Geological Survey Geologic Atlases for Water Resource Management Part-A U of MN - MN Geological Survey $4,121,625
002-A Putzier Paul County Geologic Atlas for Water Resource Sustainability Part-B MN DNR $2,400,000
003-A Peterson Jeffrey Providing Critical Water Quality Information for Lake Management U of MN $477,000
004-A Weiblen George Minnesota Biodiversity Atlas: Phase II Expansion U of MN $496,000
005-A Norris Doug Building a Long-Term Wetland Hydrology Monitoring Network MN DNR $573,413
006-A Windmuller-Campione Marcella Maximizing Wildlife, Water, and Productivity in Peatland Forests U of MN $698,000
007-A Jennelle Chris Deer Movement Related to Potential CWD Prion Transmission MN DNR $552,456
008-A Montgomery Rebecca Safeguarding Red Pine Forest Health and Productivity U of MN $420,000
009-A Andersen David Minnesota Trumpeter Swan Migration Ecology and Conservation U of MN $389,988
010-A Hines Nila Improving Watershed Management by Modernizing Hydrography Data MN DNR $1,277,727
011-A Stapleton Seth Conserving Minnesota's Turtles through Research and Education Minnesota Zoological Garden $364,000
012-A Etterson Julie Forest Regeneration - Validating Operational Seed Zones U of MN - Duluth $796,395
013-A Stanton Daniel Assessing Ecosystem Services Provided by Lichens and Mosses U of MN $213,000
014-A VanderWaal Kimberly An Early Warning System for Wildlife Health Threats: Using Wildlife Rehabilitation Data to Monitor Wildlife Health U of MN $280,000
015-A Hernandez Daniel Restoring Prairie Biodiversity and Pollinator Habitat with Haying Carleton College $458,362
016-A Grinde Alexis Conservation of Minnesota's Forest Birds of Management Concern U of MN - Duluth NRRI $613,998
017-A Kinkel Linda Minnesota Soil Microbiomes: Foundational Database for Environmental Health U of MN $924,000
018-A Niemi Gerald Mapping Avian Movement in Minnesota U of MN - Duluth NRRI $682,060
019-A Karwan Diana Downstream Effects of Contemporary Forest Practices: Phase 2 U of MN $294,000
020-A Knight Joseph Maintaining Minnesota's Natural Heritage by Monitoring Landscape Dynamics U of MN $272,000
021-A Reschke Carol Smart Mapping St. Louis River Estuary Habitats U of MN - Duluth NRRI $301,000
022-A Ferrington Leonard Variable Winter Thermal Regimes and Managing Trout Streams U of MN $499,935
023-A Kipfmueller Kurt Four Centuries of Wildfire in Red Pine Forests U of MN $257,316
024-A Sadinski Walt Wetland-Biodiversity Vulnerabilities to Changes in Land-Use and Climate U.S. Geological Survey $481,705
025-A Garono Ralph Safeguarding Our St. Louis River Restoration Investment U of MN - Duluth NRRI $378,949
026-A Bump Joseph Statewide Wolf Survival Analysis to Build Management Capacity U of MN $333,179
027-A Jelinski Nicolas Foundational Assessment of Soil Health Metrics in Minnesota U of MN $695,477
028-A Bruse Tanner Cover Crops for Wildlife Phase I Pheasants Forever Inc $346,720
029-A Kramar David Monitoring and Mapping of Mercury in Western Minnesota Minnesota State University - Moorhead $489,376
030-A Duncan Nancy Data Acquisition to Develop Native Mussel Habitat Suitability National Park Service $309,778
031-A Horgan Brian Measuring the Impact of Perennial Urban Green Space Management on Soil Ecosystems U of MN $177,346
032-A Sarnath Ramnath Automated Boulevard Tree Inventory and Urban Forest Management St. Cloud State University $154,656
033-A Magner Joe Tracking and Communicating Ice Safety U of MN $282,000
B. Water Resources
(RECEIVED: 65 proposals/subtotal = $32,197,134 )
034-B Coletti Filippo Removing Plastic Particle Pollution from Minnesota Water Bodies U of MN $388,557
035-B Peck Joel Wastewater Treatment Plant Optimization Pilot Program Minnesota Pollution Control Agency $236,360
036-B Bushley Kathryn Phosphorus Accumulating Fungi to Control Agricultural Runoff Pollution U of MN $361,000
037-B Gulliver John Investigation of Road Salt Alternatives and Pavement Innovations U of MN $521,999
038-B Behrens Sebastian Biological Sulfate Removal for Wastewater Treatment in Minnesota U of MN $494,000
039-B Singer Randall Defining Minnesota's Environmental Antibiotic and Antibiotic Resistance Footprint U of MN $921,584
040-B Hondzo Miki Promoting Nitrogen Removal in Channels, Floodplains, and Riparian Areas U of MN $390,641
041-B Schoenfuss Heiko Contaminant Removal Efficiency of Urban Stormwater Treatment Ponds St. Cloud State University $377,588
042-B Bramburger Andrew Rapid Detection of Algal Toxins in Minnesota Lakes U of MN - Duluth NRRI $686,013
043-B Groten Joel Hydroacoustic Monitoring to Understand Sediment Impacts - Phase 2 U.S. Geological Survey $328,640
044-B Janke Benjamin Wetland Contribution to Methylmercury Pollution of Surface Waters U of MN $567,604
045-B Ng G.-H. Crystal Developing a Map of Arsenic Risk in Groundwater U of MN $550,000
046-B Rosen Carl Improving Agricultural Sustainability on Irrigated Sandy Soils U of MN $470,000
047-B Trost Jared Natural Denitrification: Helping and Hiding Drinking Water Problems U. S. Geological Survey $664,000
048-B Cui Tianhong Small Cheap Purification System for Cleaner Drinking Water U of MN $496,788
049-B Gilkeson John Bounty and Outreach Program for Enhanced Recovery of Unwanted Mercury Minnesota Pollution Control Agency $467,000
050-B Novak Paige Linking Food, Energy, and Water for Resource Recovery U of MN $941,600
051-B Valentas Kenneth Hydrochars to Remove Nitrates from Agricultural Drainage U of MN $359,000
052-B Guzina Bojan Characterizing Fractured Bedrock to Assess Pollution Risk to Groundwater U of MN $330,000
053-B Downing John Rise and Fall of Superior: Water and Security U of MN $406,000
054-B LaPara Timothy Emerging Pathogens in Lakes, Rivers, and Tap Water U of MN $355,244
055-B Jordan Nicholas Working Farmlands: Targeting Alfalfa Production for Water Protection U of MN $752,913
056-B Lewandowski Ann Water Quality through Capture/Use of Agricultural Runoff U of MN $600,000
057-B Peterson Heidi Preventing Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater Using Perennial Grains Minnesota Department of Agriculture $759,312
058-B Gulliver John Preventing Lake and Stream Pollution from Stormwater Ponds U of MN $535,740
059-B Lin Hongjian Developing Nutrient Separation Systems for Livestock Environmental Sustainability U of MN $304,000
060-B Santelli Cara Improving Water Quality by Capturing Sulfate in Wetlands U of MN $578,000
061-B Barney Brett Natural Nitrogen Fertilizer Production with Low-Runoff Potential U of MN $727,000
062-B Kozarek Jessica Re-Connecting Fish Habitat at Road-Stream Crossings U of MN $474,689
063-B Larkin Daniel Benefits of Lake Plant Diversity for Water Quality U of MN $463,113
064-B Robertson Stephen Unregulated Contaminants: Addressing Gaps in Drinking Water Protection Minnesota Department of Health $2,107,920
065-B Hansen Amy Lake Restoration: Benefits and Duration in Agricultural Landscapes U of MN $459,356
066-B Lee Sungyon Predicting Impact of Oil Spill in Minnesota Lakes U of MN $394,948
067-B Sivaprakasam Kannan Innovative Technology to Remove Nitrate from Surface Water St. Cloud State University $173,847
068-B Zamalloa Carlos Rural Wastewater Treatment: Water Reuse and Energy Production U of MN $297,000
069-B Barney Brett Microbial Transformation of Plastics in Minnesota Waters U of MN $506,000
070-B Ishii Satoshi Nutrient Removal and Recovery Technology for Agricultural Drainage U of MN $880,000
071-B Jones Daniel Sulfide Mineral-Eating Microbes to Improve Water Quality U of MN $339,667
072-B Kohno Satomi Increasing Contaminants and Temperature Eliminate Minnesota Turtles St. Cloud State University $248,632
073-B Nieber John How Rapidly can Groundwater Quality be Improved? U of MN $716,000
074-B Reavie Euan Minnesota's Coldwater Fish Decline: Causes and Solutions U of MN - Duluth NRRI $789,021
075-B Strack Otto Water Saving Subsurface Irrigation to Reduce Contamination U of MN $93,391
076-B Strack Otto Protecting Fish Habitat in Streams From Groundwater Withdrawal U of MN $93,391
077-B Edlund Mark Establishing Priorities for Restoring Minnesota's Nutrient-Impaired Lakes Science Museum of Minnesota $375,000
078-B Johnson Nathan How does Iron Protect Wild Rice from Sulfate? U of MN - Duluth $401,142
079-B Heger Sara Determining the Impact of Microfibers on Septic System Performance U of MN $367,000
080-B Bezada Maximiliano Non-Invasive, Cost-Effective Investigation of Groundwater Resources U of MN $93,783
081-B Ebtehaj Ardeshir Web-GIS for Satellite Monitoring of all Minnesota Lakes U of MN $393,506
082-B Ostlund Aaron Water Quality Benefits of Red River Basin Impoundments Red River Basin Commission $495,042
083-B Wells M. Scott Incentivizing Oilseed Cash Covercrops for Water Quality Improvement U of MN $1,320,000
084-B Zimmer Kyle Reducing Water Nitrogen to Restore Minnesota Lakes University of St. Thomas $362,000
085-B Knoll Lesley Assessing Water Quality in Mississippi Headwaters Region Lakes U of MN $406,200
086-B Ebtehaj Ardeshir Optimal Configuration of Windbreaks for Agricultural Water Conservation U of MN $368,614
087-B Karwan Diana Sediment Impairments in Northern Minnesota Non-Agricultural Streams U of MN $335,000
088-B Khodursky Arkady Maximizing Water Safety against Antibiotic Resistance U of MN $350,000
089-B Ruan Roger Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Abatement using Non-Thermal Plasma Technology U of MN $820,000
090-B Feinberg Joshua Determining which Iron Minerals Remove Phosphorous from Stormwater U of MN $384,591
091-B Yang Ce Better Fertilizer Management to Prevent Further Water Contamination U of MN $392,000
092-B Bergee Anton Geospatial Airborne Sensor Survey to Manage Water Resources Northland Community and Technical College $999,768
093-B Peterson Daryl A Landscape Conservation Design for the Lower St. Louis River Minnesota Land Trust $397,000
094-B Christensen Courtney ShellRock River Watershed Stormwater Quality Trading Pilot Program Shell Rock River Watershed District $350,000
095-B Current Dean Guidelines for Sustainable Biomass Production for Multiple Benefits U of MN $192,000
096-B Julius Matthew Creating a Algal Toxin Alert Network for Central and Upper Minnesota St. Cloud State University $154,630
097-B Trappe Jon A Multi-Faceted Approach Towards Reducing Nitrogen Inputs and Loss in Urban Landscapes U of MN $284,300
098-B Current Dean Farmer Generated Water Quality Solutions U of MN $348,000
C. Environmental Education
(RECEIVED: 33 proposals/subtotal = $12,581,000 )
099-C Legato Denise Increasing Diversity in Environmental Careers: Fellowships, Internships, Mentorships Minnesota Department of Natural Resources $1,000,000
100-C Potter Caitlin Providing Enduring Ecology Experiences for all Minnesota Middle-Schoolers U of MN - Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve $308,000
101-C Lenczewski John Connecting Students with Watersheds through Hands-on Learning Minnesota Trout Unlimited $581,270
102-C Evans Elaine Pollinator Ambassadors for Urban Gardens U of MN $421,431
103-C Raber Carrie Online Modules Build Local Capacity to Protect Groundwater Minnesota Department of Health $335,000
104-C Heitkamp Barbara The SAFL Summer Experience U of MN $158,069
105-C Buck Wiley Engaging a Diverse Public in Ecological Restoration Great River Greening $383,600
106-C Foster Shelli-Kae YES! Students Take on Minnesota Water Quality Challenge Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center $213,700
107-C Scholl Laura Blue Thumb Pollinator Plantings Connecting Regional Population Centers Metro Blooms $321,034
108-C Thomas Steve Preserve Resources by Expanding the State's Reuse Sectors ReUSE Minnesota $363,910
109-C Bakken Timothy Phase 2 Prairie Sportsman Statewide Environmental Education Project Pioneer Public Televison $300,000
110-C Mattson Nicole Unlocking the Science of Minnesotas Moose Decline Minnesota Zoological Garden $300,000
111-C Poppleton Kristen Youth Convening Minnesota Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy $300,000
112-C Holger Sara Get Outdoors After School! Project Get Outdoors Inc $30,000
113-C Musser Kimberly Minnesota River Education Model: Connecting Students to Watersheds Minnesota State University - Mankato, Water Resources Ctr $248,582
114-C Yakub Mohamed Integrating Environmental Science Research in High School Education U of MN $445,000
115-C Carlson Stephan Students Using Local Phenology Contributes to Citizen Science U of MN $224,000
116-C Knight Joseph Strengthening Natural Resources Management with Drone Training U of MN $132,000
117-C Liu Zengqiang Digital Watershed Simulator for K-12 Education and Outreach St. Cloud State University $314,489
118-C Poppe Steven Morris Prairie Pollinator Demonstration and Education U of MN $681,000
119-C Ceurvorst Robyn Minnesota River Water Quality Education Minnesota State University - Mankato $65,000
120-C Pulscher MaryLynn Expanding Nature Knowledge and Experience in North Minneapolis Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board $865,000
121-C Suss Ted River Watch on the Minnesota River Friends of the Minnesota Valley $103,000
122-C Arlt Timothy Online Training for Front Line Water Quality Protectors U of MN $322,175
123-C Tonko Jennifer Customized Water Education Combining Stories, Histories, and Science Minnesota Humanities Center $427,215
124-C Tiffin Peter Market Science: Connecting Minnesotans with Environmental Research U of MN $236,165
125-C Wackett Lawrence RAPID: Google for the Environment U of MN $228,000
126-C Justen Emilie Dangerous Plant Guides: How to Recognize and React Minnesota Department of Agriculture $138,380
127-C Kline David Preparing Minnesotans for Changes in Wolf Management International Wolf Center $1,200,000
128-C Kraus Alan Farm Based Environmental Education: Studies Measuring Altered Hydrology Cannon River Watershed Partnership $206,199
129-C Meschke Linda Managing Soil Quality for Ecosystem Services & Productivity Rural Advantage $1,451,404
130-C Waters Amy Aquatic Education & Outreach Programs: Engaging 6,000 Students Aquatic Research & Conservation Society, Inc $52,477
131-C WhiteEagle Ann Native Plant Education/Implementation Benefitting Pollinators and Water Ramsey Conservation District $224,900
D. Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species
(RECEIVED: 25 proposals/subtotal = $31,581,850 )
132-D Venette Robert Minnesota Invasive Terrestrial Plants and Pests Center 4 U of MN $7,000,000
133-D Merkes Christopher Developing RNA Interference Genetic Controls for Zebra Mussels U.S. Geological Survey $769,528
134-D Sorensen Peter An Effective and Partical Invasive Carp Deterrent U of MN $998,000
135-D Abrahamson Mark Slow the Spread of the Emerald Ash Borer Minnesota Department of Agriculture $14,689,500
136-D Mensinger Allen Sound Gradient for Acoustic Deterrence of Bigheaded Carp U of MN - Duluth $396,310
137-D Sadowsky Michael Fish on a Chip: An AIS Detection Platform U of MN $399,000
138-D Ambourn Angie Monitoring and Biocontrol of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Minnesota Department of Agriculture $199,224
139-D Heathcote Adam Determining Minnesota's Risk of a Toxic Algal Invader Science Museum of Minnesota - St. Croix Research Station $243,000
140-D Tiffin Peter Stopping Invasive Species by Attacking from Below U of MN $491,515
141-D Chandler Monika Palmer Amaranth Detection and Eradication Minnesota Department of Agriculture $540,700
142-D Cotner James Using CO2 to Kill Undesirable Fish including Carp U of MN $470,000
143-D Elias Mikael Innovative and Ecological Coatings to Mitigate Invasive Species U of MN $321,500
144-D Karschnia Maggie Accelerated Watershed Approach to Invasive Carp Management Prior Lake-Spring Lake Watershed District $342,796
145-D Dieterman Doug River Food Webs with and without Invasive Carp MN DNR $495,000
146-D Amberg Jon New Tools for Fight Against Zebra Mussels U. S. Geological Survey $539,323
147-D Burks Susan Terrestrial Invasive Plant Detection Methods for Forest Lands MN DNR $300,000
148-D Waller Diane Integrating Control of Zebra Mussels and Aquatic Vegetation U. S. Geological Survey $251,310
149-D Russell Matthew Testing a New Method for Eradicating Dwarf Mistletoe U of MN $352,000
150-D Marko Michelle Development of Predictive Tools for AIS Management Concordia College $331,644
151-D Burks Susan Boot Brush Use to Prevent Spreading Invasive Species MN DNR $267,208
152-D Windels Steve Evaluate Control Methods for Invasive Hybrid Cattails Voyageurs National Park $131,920
153-D Pahs Steven Circle Lake Wild Rice Restoration and Carp Management Rice SWCD $594,985
154-D Peterson Jason Invasive Species Wash Site Innovation, Improvements, and Standards MN DNR $908,023
155-D McEwen Daniel Controlling Densities of Zebra Mussels in Infested Lakes Limnopro Aquatic Science, Inc $428,864
156-D Terrill Tim Minnesota Traditions Newspaper AIS Awareness Campaign Mississippi Headwaters Board $230,000
E. Air Quality, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy
(RECEIVED: 20 proposals/subtotal = $13,974,044 )
157-E Reese Michael Agricultural Weed Control Using Robots U of MN - Morris $600,000
158-E Kortshagen Uwe Clean Electricity from Solar Windows U of MN $458,494
159-E Anderson Ellen Community-Scale Energy Storage Guide for Renewable Energy U of MN $625,478
160-E Cui Tianhong Cheap Solar Energy from Simple Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing U of MN $388,852
161-E Cui Tianhong Cheap Efficient Air Filter to Remove Organic Compounds U of MN $386,187
162-E Marr Jeffrey Lowering Costs of Solar Energy in Minnesota U of MN $410,692
163-E Hu Bo A Solar-Powered Electrochemical System for Sulfide Removal U of MN $435,000
164-E Swaggert Nick Phase II- Reduce Solid Waste and Greenhouse Gas Emissions The NetWork for Better Futures (D/B/A) Better Futures Minnesota $1,151,931
165-E Randolph Jimmy Field Testing/Demonstration of Novel Groundsource Heat Pump U of MN $174,757
166-E Walsh Kayla Life Cycle Analysis of Anaerobic Digestion and Organics Minnesota Pollution Control Agency $250,000
167-E Wang Ping Electrically Switchable Adsorption of PAHs on Renewable Cellulosic Nano Carbon Materials for Mitigation of Airborne Pollutants U of MN $202,000
168-E Baker Lawrence Optimizing Food Waste Reduction throughout Minnesota U of MN $999,000
169-E Randolph Jimmy Bringing Geothermal Power to MN: CO2 Power-System Test TerraCOH Inc. $315,250
170-E Sinko John Color-Change Solar Coating for Residential Energy Savings St. Cloud State University $151,306
171-E Claussen Anna Capacity Building for Rural Resource Management Implementation Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy $655,424
172-E Myers Sandra Developing Innovative Mercury Capture Technology for Crematoria Emissions U of MN $435,984
173-E Chatmas Bob Diverting Prepared Food from Landfills, Reducing Greenhouse Gases Second Harvest Heartland $478,000
174-E Weber Mark Production and Utilization of Biomass: St. Louis County St. Louis County Land & Minerals Dept $3,999,300
175-E Droessler William Stove Swap: Improving Air and Health; Avoiding Violations Environmental Initiative $1,008,389
176-E Chatmas Bob Keeping Groceries from Landfills to Reduce Greenhouse Gases Second Harvest Heartland $848,000
F. Methods to Protect, Restore, and Enhance Land, Water, and Habitat
(RECEIVED: 22 proposals/subtotal = $30,965,697 )
177-F Lonsdorf Eric Identifying Pollinator Conservation Areas in Minnesota Prairie Parklands U of MN $552,100
178-F Henderson Carrol Nongame Wildlife Program Acceleration MN DNR $2,000,000
179-F Remucal David Preserving and Restoring Minnesota's Native Orchids - Phase 2 U of MN $468,000
180-F Schottler Shawn Show Me the Money: 10 Markets for Perennials Science Museum of Minnesota - St. Croix Research Station $347,500
181-F Walker Michele Restoration Strategies for Ditched Peatland SNA - Phase II MN DNR $460,294
182-F Quinn Edward Restoring Minnesota's Forests in State Parks MN DNR $432,240
183-F Wickert Andrew Sediment Hazards to Trout in Southeast Minnesota Streams U of MN $337,000
184-F Ulrich Jason Repurposing Unprofitable Cropland: Water and Wildlife's Silver Bullet? Science Museum of Minnesota - St. Croix Research Station $319,063
185-F Guala Michele Advancing Streambank Protection Systems U of MN $286,426
186-F Larson Danelle Restoring Wetland Invertebrates to Revive Wildlife Habitat MN DNR $417,895
187-F Huckett Steven Implementing Novel Market-based Methods for Urban Habitat Restoration Great River Greening $499,900
188-F Pagliari Paulo Converting Agricultural Wastes into Energy, Polymers, and Fertilizers U of MN $949,000
189-F Slesak Robert Increasing Timber Availability and Habitat with Soil Management U of MN $396,000
190-F Rhees Suzanne Working Conservation Lands for Grazing, Harvest, and Habitat Board of Water and Soil Resources $315,000
191-F Haines Dustin Are We Turning Wild Prairie Plants into Crops? U of MN - Duluth $555,441
192-F Shen Lian Floating Mini-Gardens for Shoreline Protection and Wetland Restoration U of MN $310,753
193-F Warren Natalie Preserving Natural Shoreline on the St. Croix River St.Croix River Association $128,520
194-F Rickert Dave MN CREP for Water Quality and Habitat Board of Water and Soil Resources $20,000,000
195-F Pagliari Paulo Replacing Plastic Cover in Vegetable Production with BioMulch U of MN $310,000
196-F Voit Jan Okabena Creek Water Quality and Flood Protection Demonstration Heron Lake Watershed District $720,565
197-F Marchetto Peter Hearing the Cry of the Loon U of MN $580,000
198-F Marchetto Peter Saving Our Mosquito-Eaters: Management of White-nose Syndrome U of MN $580,000
G. Land Acquisition for Habitat and Recreation
(RECEIVED: 18 proposals/subtotal = $40,157,964 )
199-G Booth Peggy SNA Habitat Restoration, Public Engagement, and Strategic Acquisition MN DNR $6,760,265
200-G Christie Jennifer Minnesota State Parks and State Trails Land Acquisition MN DNR $5,000,000
201-G Mularie Audrey Local Parks, Trails and Natural Area Grants MN DNR $3,000,000
202-G Skaar Kent Minnesota State Trails - Development and Enhancement MN DNR $5,000,000
203-G Schulte Judy Private Native Prairie Conservation through Native Prairie Bank MN DNR $4,535,000
204-G Kill Karen Browns Creek 40 Acre Acquisition Browns Creek Watershed District $350,000
205-G Manzoline Robert Mesabi Trail, County Road 88 to Ely Segment St. Louis & Lake Counties Regional Railroad Authority $600,000
206-G Smith Stacy State Park and Trail Integrated Public Information System MN DNR $3,984,142
207-G Illg Jerome Harmony State Trail Extension Land Acquisition City of Harmony $235,000
208-G Owens Jay Mississippi Blufflands State Trail - Red Wing Riverfront City of Red Wing $920,000
209-G Caneff Denny Superior Hiking Trail Enhancement Plan Superior Hiking Trail Association $100,200
210-G Taylor Sara Bayport St. Croix Conservation Initiative City of Bayport $550,000
211-G West Lisa Improving Hydrologic Resilience in Rural Dakota County Dakota County $1,960,000
212-G Mork Laird Swedish Immigrant Trail Segment within Interstate State Park Chisago County Environmental Services $2,254,665
213-G Doty Josh A Local-State-Federal Partnership Protects multiple public benefits on the Mississippi River City of Baxter $700,000
214-G Thoreen Jim Mississippi Riverfront Redevelopment Project City of Brainerd $1,000,000
215-G Barrick Melissa Prioritize and Target North-Central Minnesota Lakes for Protection Crow Wing SWCD $1,492,500
216-G Forstner Michael East Fork Des Moines River Wetland Restoration Martin County Drainage Authority $1,716,192
H. Other
(RECEIVED: 1 proposal/subtotal = $135,000 )
217-H Sherman-Hoehn Katherine Contract Agreement Reimbursement MN DNR $135,000

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