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2017 ENRTF Proposals Received - by Funding Priority Topic Area

2017 Environment and Natural Resouces Trust Fund Proposals Received and Selected to Present - by Funding Priority Topic Area

In response to the 2017 Request for Proposal (RFP) due March 21, 2016, 181 proposals requesting a total of approximately $142 million were received. This RFP process is for funding available beginning July 1, 2017. For that period, approximately $50 million from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund is currently expected to be available to recommend for project funding, plus an additional $8.4 million remains available for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2016, due to Governor vetoes in the 2016 funding bill.

The LCCMR reviewed, evaluated, and ranked all proposals received. On June 7 the LCCMR selected 88 proposals requesting a total of approximately $86 million to invite in for a presentation before the Commission for further consideration.

In addition to the 88 proposals selected for further consideration thus far, seven projects that were added to the 2016 funding bill by the 2016 Legislature but vetoed by the Governor are being given the opportunity to submit a proposal and give a presentation to the LCCMR for consideration as part of the LCCMR's 2017 funding recommendations process, if these projects choose to do so. Furthermore, 10 proposals that were part of the LCCMR's 2016 recommendations but removed from the funding bill by the Legislature will be given reconsideration when the LCCMR determines its 2017 funding recommendations on July 12 and 13 if the proposer wishes for this to occur. The Legislature also extended the LCCMR's proposal deadline to June 26 for proposals requesting over $750,000, so there may be some additional proposals, yet to be determined, that will also be allowed to present to the LCCMR and be considered for a 2017 funding recommendation.

Proposal presentations are scheduled for June 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, and 29. This selection represents the first phase in narrowing the proposals received in response to the 2016 RFP into what will be recommended for funding to the 2017 Minnesota Legislature. Proposal presentations facilitate the LCCMR's next phase of consideration for reaching a decision on July 12 and 13 about which projects will be recommended. Check the LCCMR schedule for the most up-to-date information on important process dates.

Visit the 2017 Proposal & Funding Process Main Page for additional information.

Note About Proposal Listings
All proposals received in response to the 2017 RFP thus far are listed below. Proposals that were selected on 06/07/16 to present before the Commission and receive further consideration are indicated with an "X" in the left-most "Selected to Present" column.

Click here for print-ready list of 2017 proposals received - listed by category with project summaries (24-page PDF file).

Viewing Proposals

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Selected to Present


Last Name

First Name

Project Title


A. Foundational Natural Resource Data and Information
(RECEIVED: 32 proposals/subtotal = $24,746,469) )
001-A Setterholm Dale Minnesota Geological Survey Geologic Atlases for Water Management U of MN - Minnesota Geological Survey $3,784,700
002-A Keeler Bonnie What are the Public Benefits of Protecting Sourcewater? U of MN $320,000
003-A Andersen David Minnesota Trumpeter Swan Migration Ecology and Conservation U of MN $462,433
004-A Shaw Ruth Healthy Prairies II: Preserving MN Prairie Plant Diversity U of MN $938,000
005-A Thomas Doug Enhancing Targeted and Measureable Watershed Restoration and Protection Board of Water and Soil Resources $2,802,000
006-A Carlson Bruce Minnesota Biological Survey MN DNR $2,955,861
007-A Chayka Catherine Continue Expansion of the Minnesota Wildflowers Online Botanical Reference Minnesota Wildflowers Information $270,470
008-A Holdsworth Andrew Scientific Data Deli: Serving Data for Environmental Innovation MN DNR $324,159
009-A Chun Chanlan Promoting Wild Rice Restoration Success by Examining Microbes U of MN - Duluth NRRI $334,035
010-A Elliott Sarah Contaminants in Urban Soils: Understanding the Urban Environment U. S. Geological Survey $1,000,000
011-A Gillette Timothy Drainage Records Modernization - Phase II, Cost-Share Board of Water and Soil Resources $540,000
012-A Neve Hans Mapping Groundwater Contamination: Accessible Data to Protect Resources MPCA $480,000
013-A Gran Karen Landslide Hazards and Impacts on Minnesota's Natural Environment U of MN $672,408
014-A Alexander Scott Quantifying Color and Fluorescence in Minnesota Waters U of MN $370,000
015-A Ditmer Mark Non-Invasive Moose Calf Surveys and Ecosystem Monitoring U of MN $348,151
016-A Isbell Forest Cascading Effects of Wolf Recolonization U of MN $398,000
017-A Windels Steve Effects of Wolves on Beavers, Moose, and Deer Voyageurs National Park $293,000
018-A Axler Richard NE Minnesota Environmental Atlas: Turning Data into Information U of MN - Duluth NRRI $617,632
019-A Feinberg Joshua Mapping Heavy Metal Contamination Using Geophysics and Chemistry U of MN $91,945
020-A Windmuller-Campione Marcella Lowland Conifer Ecosystems: Holistic Assessment for Adaptive Management U of MN $763,702
021-A Hoganson Howard Including Wildlife Benefits in Forest Planning Models U of MN $397,750
022-A Singsaas Eric Advancing the Forest Bio-Economy in Minnesota U of MN - Duluth NRRI $834,015
023-A Stanton Daniel Tracking Minnesota Plant Life below Winter Snow U of MN $380,000
024-A Lemm Les Development of Comprehensive Wetland Restoration Planning Framework Board of Water and Soil Resources $600,000
025-A Russell Matthew Healthy Forests and Healthy Deer Populations in Minnesota U of MN $195,800
026-A Dee Laura Assessing Risks to Public Benefits from Minnesota Forests U of MN $338,000
027-A Fieberg John Decision Support Tool for Prioritizing Shallow Lake Management U of MN $110,347
028-A Monson Geerts Stephen Airborne Particulate Characterization Survey: Future Mining's Historic Reference U of MN - Duluth NRRI $398,967
029-A Hammerback Rex Geospatial Airborne Sensor Survey to Manage Water Resources Northland Aerospace Foundation $3,126,779
030-A Stafford Joshua Waterfowl Vital Rates in Transition Habitats of Minnesota U.S. Geological Survey - South Dakota Coop Unit and SDSU $141,120
031-A Mukku Venugopal Minnesota's Freshwater Sponges: Mapping Taxonomy and Environmental Toxicology U of MN $258,000
032-A Steffens Wayne Beetle Status in Old-Growth and Early Successional Habitats Lake Superior Research Institute $199,195
B. Water Resources
(RECEIVED: 46 proposals/subtotal = $35,369,884 )
033-B Arnold William Household Chemicals as Water Pollutants and Toxic Precursor U of MN $236,000
034-B Novak Paige Innovative Nitrogen Removal Technology to Protect Water Quality U of MN $476,100
035-B Maguire Allan Rearing Native Mussels and Building Water Quality Awareness Minnesota Zoo $591,925
036-B Brauman Kate Rural Industrial Water Efficiency Impact on Drinking Water U of MN $282,000
037-B Chun Chanlan Antibiotic Resistance Assessment in St. Louis River Watershed U of MN - Duluth NRRI $254,576
038-B Coletti Filippo Removing Plastic Particle Pollution from Minnesota Water Bodies U of MN $359,540
039-B Guala Michele Developing Sensors for River-Flow Turbidity and Sediment-Transport U of MN - St. Anthony Falls Laboratory $311,367
040-B Gulliver John Preventing Phosphorus Pollution from Stormwater Ponds U of MN $497,460
041-B Bruggeman Peter Green Technology for Harmful Algal Bloom Remediation U of MN $549,967
042-B Bajer Przemyslaw Restoring Agricultural Lakes and Watersheds by Managing Carp U of MN $967,100
043-B Minor Elizabeth Sediment and Storm-Water Effects on Lake Superior U of MN - Large Lakes Observatory $428,859
044-B Mundahl Neal Responsive Water Quality Monitoring: Southeastern Minnesota Trout Streams Winona State University $583,980
045-B Mohring Eric Buffer Gap Analysis Board of Water and Soil Resources $1,390,656
046-B Nieber John How Rapidly can Groundwater Quality be Improved? U of MN $672,000
047-B Guzina Bojan Quantifying Depth-Dependent Permeability of Fractured Rock U of MN $296,739
048-B Martinovic-Weigelt Dalma Reassessing Toxicity of Petroleum Spills with New Technologies University of St. Thomas $423,189
049-B Rosen Carl Agricultural Water Remediation Using Novel Woodchip Bioreactor Technology U of MN $567,000
050-B Barney Brett Phosphorus/Nitrate Recapture through Biofilms for Agricultural Application U of MN $773,000
051-B Behrens Sebastian New Self-Sustaining Nitrate and Pesticides Removal Biotechnology U of MN $318,162
052-B Hozalski Raymond The Minnesota Center for Water Treatment Technology Innovation U of MN $10,306,899
053-B Hu Bo Enhancing Septic Tank Performance by Temperature Control U of MN $397,000
054-B Rantala Heidi Preventing Fish Kills by Increasing Understanding MN DNR $699,905
055-B Ishii Satoshi Maximizing the Benefits of Water Reuse U of MN $148,000
056-B Hansen Amy Continuous Data to Guide Nitrate Reduction Strategy U of MN - St. Anthony Falls Laboratory $385,241
057-B Ng Gene-Hua Crystal Predicting Hidden Groundwater Connections Between Land and Lakes U of MN $408,455
058-B Dutcher Cari Sulfate and Metal Removal from Northeast MinnesotaWaters U of MN $298,325
059-B Moore Seth Chemicals of Emerging Concern in Minnesota Fish Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa $436,922
060-B Ahlgren Kevin Monitoring Minnesota's Water with Continuous GPS Stations St. Cloud State University $437,316
061-B Wickert Andrew Snowpack-Driven Groundwater Recharge across Minnesota U of MN $453,386
062-B Yang Rusen Environment-Friendly Nanosensors to Detect Nutrients in Water U of MN $455,026
063-B Hu Bo Development of a Household Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System U of MN $322,000
064-B Peterson Jeff Assessing Legacy Waters with Advanced Sensors U of MN - Water Resources Center $1,568,000
065-B Kelly Megan Enhancing DNRs Mineland Water Quality Impact Research, Hibbing MN DNR $442,346
066-B Wickert Andrew Continuous Nitrate Pollution Monitoring at the Kitchen Sink U of MN $276,590
067-B Griffis Timothy How Will Changes in Evaporation Impact Our Lakes? U of MN $1,197,450
068-B Hong Jiarong Underwater Robots for Hazard Monitoring in Minnesota Lakes U of MN $442,877
069-B Downing John Shrinking Lake Superior: Water Levels and Community Resilience U of MN - Duluth -Sea Grant Program $324,425
070-B Ishii Satoshi Impact of Migratory Birds on Minnesota Water Quality U of MN $272,000
071-B Pilgrim Keith Alum's Critical Role in Controlling Algae and Phosphorus Barr Engineering Co. $264,400
072-B Isaacson Carl Phosphorus Behavior in Northern Minnesota Watersheds Bemidji State University $274,059
073-B Sarnath Ramnath Smart Water Resource System for Sauk River Watershed St. Cloud State University $214,260
074-B Small Gaston Measuring Reductions in Nitrate Pollution from Precision Agriculture University of St. Thomas $159,833
075-B Austinson Craig Crystal Lake Watershed Nutrient Removal Practices Blue Earth County Drainage Authority $996,500
076-B Ward Jessica Impacts of Water Quality on Yearling Walleye Survival St. Cloud State University $178,000
077-B Phelps Paula Addressing Emerging Threats to Coldwater Fish Production MN DNR $1,243,059
078-B Stahl Tim Little Sioux Flood Mitigation - Wetlands and Channel Storage Jackson County Public Works $2,787,990
C. Environmental Education
(RECEIVED: 27 proposals/subtotal = $9,684,681 )
079-C Lais Greg Floating Classroom: Connecting 20,000 Youth to Minnesota Waterways Wilderness Inquiry $1,240,730
080-C Bonsignore Gina Diversifying Involvement in the Natural Resources Community II MN DNR $791,825
081-C Poppleton Kristen Youth Convening Minnesota Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy $310,008
082-C Getchell Vikki Increasing Diversity in Environmental Careers: Fellowships, Internships, Mentorships MN DNR $1,487,519
083-C Weiblen George Minnesota Water Stories Told in Digital Planetariums U of MN - Bell Museum of Natural History $622,000
084-C Ponder Julia Bridging Classroom and Outdoor Learning by Studying Birds U of MN $270,740
085-C Carlson Stephan Students Use Local Phenology to Understand Climate Varability U of MN $240,000
086-C Oldham Mary Sustainability Immersion Institute for Diverse Pre-University Students U of MN $323,000
087-C Tiffin Peter Market Science: Connecting Minnesotans to Environmental Research U of MN $132,000
088-C Cotner Sehoya Educational Game about Water Quality in Minnesota Lakes U of MN $313,000
089-C Suss Ted Establish a Minnesota River Basin-Wide RiverWatch Program Friends of the Minnesota Valley $285,500
090-C Bly John Pollinator and Clean Water Stewardship through Community Engagement Metro Blooms $252,864
091-C Hausman Christina Connecting Minnesota's Youth to Voyageurs National Park Voyageurs National Park Association $90,600
092-C Eckles Joanna Bird City - Education for Lasting Conservation Audubon Minnesota $280,000
093-C Hueffmeier Ryan Where are the "Jumping Worms"? U of MN - Duluth NRRI $92,559
094-C Cotner James Developing Scientific and Intellectual Infrastructure for Clean Waters U of MN $476,000
095-C Strecker Carol Preparing Wildlife Champions Program Model for Statewide Expansion Minnesota Zoo $150,325
096-C Daniels Lisa Engaging Communities with K-12 Smart Energy Solutions Windustry $543,700
097-C Jelinski Nicolas Soil Kitchen-Minnesota U of MN $218,814
098-C Claussen Anna Implementing Identified Climate Adaptation Priorities in Rural Minnesota Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy $319,735
099-C Collins Abby Race 2 Reduce-Water Conservation for Youth H2O for Life $262,920
100-C Joy Susan Developing Watershed Stewardship in Northwest Minnesota Youth Headwaters Science Center $71,861
101-C Wood Bryan Providing Residential Environmental Learning Experiences to Under-Served Students Audubon Center of the North Woods $130,000
102-C Windmuller-Campione Marcella Restoring Resilient Long-Lived Conifer Stands through Experiential Learning U of MN $126,840
103-C Scholl Laura North Minneapolis Blooming Alleys: Resilient Neighborhoods, Clean Water Cleveland Neighborhood Association $313,289
104-C Watson Alexander Minnesota Bison Conservation Herd Film MN DNR $103,852
105-C Koski Adelheid Northeast Minneapolis Sustainability Incubator Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association $235,000
D. Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species
(RECEIVED: 21 proposals/subtotal = $14,876,263 )
106-D Galatowitsch Susan Using Science to Solve Minnesota's AIS problems - Phase II U of MN $6,100,000
107-D Becker Roger Implementing Biological Control of Garlic Mustard U of MN $421,987
108-D Osthus Jonathan EAB Biocontrol Phase III: Assessment and Citizen Engagement Minnesota Department of Agriculture $729,540
109-D Kiesling Richard Quantifying Spiny Waterflea Threats to Minnesota Walleye Lakes U. S. Geological Survey $1,690,320
110-D Wackett Lawrence Natural Products for Protecting Minnesota Natural Resources U of MN $247,000
111-D Smanski Michael New Technology to Control Invasive Carp U of MN $389,000
112-D Aukema Brian Mountain Pine Beetle Phase II: Protecting Minnesota U of MN $384,838
113-D Mensinger Allen Bioacoustics to Deter and Eliminate Invasive Bigheaded Carp U of MN - Duluth $399,934
114-D Parsons Bradford Continuation of Invasive Carp and Native Fish Evaluation MN DNR $739,064
115-D Ozersky Tedy Impact of Zebra Mussels on Mercury in Fish U of MN - Duluth $211,437
116-D Furey Paula Will the Invasive Alga Didymosphenia Degrade Minnesota Waters? St. Catherine Universtiy $207,213
117-D Sorensen Peter Acquiring Key Information for a Carp Deterrent System at Lock and Dam #5 U of MN $284,000
118-D Abrahamson Mark Conserving Trees and Biodiversity with Strategic EAB Management Minnesota Department of Agriculture $708,500
119-D Bajer Przemyslaw Adapting Stream Barriers to Remove Invasive Fish U of MN $381,150
120-D Bushley Kathryn Microbial Associates of the Emerald Ash Borer U of MN $400,000
121-D McGaugh Suzanne Northward Expansion of Ecologically Damaging Species U of MN $213,000
122-D Chandler Monika Tactical Invasive Plant Management Plan Development Minnesota Department of Agriculture $296,832
123-D Hall Kristin Maximize Value of Water Impoundments to Wildlife Audubon Minnesota $195,000
124-D Kelly Colin Preventing the Spread of AIS with Decontamination Units Washington County $455,000
125-D Ahlers Adam A Native Biocontrol for Invasive Hybrid Cattails Kansas State University $306,728
126-D Waters Amy Commercial Fisheries Management Project Aquatic Research & Conservation Society, Inc. $115,720
E. Air Quality, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy
(RECEIVED: 25 proposals/subtotal = $15,424,082 )
127-E Reich Peter Managing for "Climate Smart" Trees and Forests U of MN $385,000
128-E Cui Tianhong Cheap Solar Energy from Simple Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing U of MN $388,852
129-E Anderson Ellen Community-Scale Energy Storage Guide for Clean Energy U of MN $625,478
130-E Barney Brett Harnessing Natural Nitrogen Fixation to Replace Industrial Production U of MN $847,000
131-E Coletti Filippo Enabling Extraction of Solar Thermal Energy in Minnesota U of MN $351,040
132-E Vadali Monika Deploying New Technology to Understand Urban Air Pollution MPCA $981,564
133-E Li Perry Compressed Air Energy Storage for Renewable Energies U of MN $712,392
134-E Simon Terrence Energy Storage Panels for Home and Office Upgrade U of MN $687,746
135-E Kortshagen Uwe Clean Electricity from Cheap Luminescent Solar Concentrators U of MN $627,149
136-E Stelson Kim Development of Efficient and Reliable Wind Turbine Transmission U of MN $414,839
137-E Etterson Julie Forest Regeneration: Maximizing the Value of Our Investment U of MN - Duluth $732,046
138-E Shen Lian Wind-loading Study for Environmental Management and Engineering Innovation U of MN $397,270
139-E Liess Stefan Development of an Early-Warning System for Minnesota Droughts U of MN $265,616
140-E Sun Zongxuan Low Cost and Efficient Biomass Based Electricity Generation U of MN $450,000
141-E Kvaal Chris Feed Additive for Reducing Climate-Damaging Methane Emissions from Cattle St. Cloud State University $372,485
142-E Kazlauskas Romas Engineering Stable Microbes for Biofuels and Biodegradation U of MN $269,000
143-E Abel Julianna Active Wind Turbine Skin for Wind Energy Harvesting U of MN $302,621
144-E Guala Michele Developing Bank-Protection Energy-Converter Systems for Minnesota Rivers U of MN - St. Anthony Falls Laboratory $622,000
145-E Wang Xiaojia Novel Nanocomposite Materials for Thermal Management and Energy Conversion/Storage U of MN $256,112
146-E Yang Rusen Cheap and Clean Energy from Friction-Induced Static Charges U of MN $422,874
147-E Heins Bradley Generation, Storage, and Utilization of Solar Energy U of MN $795,500
148-E Swanson Jacob Air Quality Network Sensing Aircraft Pollution Near MSP Minnesota State University, Mankato $571,210
149-E Forbes DJ Climate-Smart Cities: Helping Cities Make Smarter Land-Use Decisions The Trust for Public Land $288,800
150-E Pennington Josh District Heating with Renewable Biomass at Camp Ripley Training Center Department of Military Affairs $1,969,988
151-E Waite-Altringer Melanie Renewable Energy Production from Municipal Organic Waste Minnesota Energy Center (MNEC) $1,687,500
F. Methods to Protect, Restore, and Enhance Land, Water, and Habitat
(RECEIVED: 17 proposals/subtotal = $8,598,558 )
152-F Snell-Rood Emilie Optimizing the Nutrition of Roadside Plants for Pollinators U of MN $815,000
153-F Krischik Vera Promoting Conservation Biocontrol of Beneficial Insects U of MN $399,000
154-F Tilman David Restoring and Preserving Savanna Using Bison Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve, U of MN $388,000
155-F Quinn Edward State Parks for Monarchs and Other Native Pollinators MN DNR $672,159
156-F Herb William Prioritizing Shoreline Habitat Restoration in Minnesota Lakes U of MN - St. Anthony Falls Laboratory $294,913
157-F Graeve Ken Roadside Prairie Prescribed Fire Minnesota Department of Transportation $345,000
158-F Holland Matt MN Honey Bee & Monarch Butterfly Partnership Pheasants Forever $732,162
159-F Lenhart Christian Mississippi River Gorge Restoration Planning and Assessment U of MN $130,000
160-F Lewanski Tom Restoring 83-acres of Prairie, Savanna & Forest Habitat Friends of the Mississippi River $213,450
161-F Buck Wiley Restoring Our Metro Lands and Waters: MeCC 10 Great River Greening $524,400
162-F Bruse Tanner Precision Conservation and Agriculture: Growing Green 2 Together Pheasants Forever $508,370
163-F Ferrington Leonard Variable Winter Thermal Regimes and Managing Trout Streams U of MN $583,000
164-F Slesak Robert Identifying Optimal Soil Conditions for Sustainable Forest Management U of MN $415,000
165-F Elias Mikael Methods for Removing Problematic Pesticides from Minnesota Waters U of MN $344,000
166-F Shen Lian Modeling/Measurement of Wetland Processes for Habitat Protection U of MN $298,504
167-F Arvidson Adam Mississippi River Habitat Restoration at Halls Island Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board $1,451,500
168-F O'Reilly John Promoting Active Management of Privately Owned Woodlands Minnesota Forestry Association $484,100
G. Land Acquisition for Habitat and Recreation
(RECEIVED: 12 proposals/subtotal = $33,307,890 )
169-G Streets Jensen Deborah Metropolitan Regional Parks System Land Acquisition Metropolitan Council $2,400,000
170-G Booth Margaret (Peggy) SNA Acquisition, Restoration, Citizen Science and Engagement MN DNR $6,022,220
171-G Christie Jennifer Minnesota State Parks and State Trails Land Acquisition MN DNR $1,500,000
172-G Schulte Judy Native Prairie Stewardship and Prairie Bank Easement Acquisition MN DNR $5,185,457
173-G West Lisa Dakota County Natural Area Protection and Restoration Dakota County $600,000
174-G Brown Levi Leech Lake Natural Resource Multi-Benefit Conservation Acquisition Leech Lake Division of Resource Management $1,500,000
175-G Owens Jay Mississippi Blufflands State Trail Red Wing River Walk City of Red Wing $1,840,000
176-G Manzoline Robert Mesabi Trail, Wetland Crossing and Bridge Rehab St Louis and Lake Counties Regional Railroad Authority $1,231,500
177-G Smith Stacy Experiential Nature Play at Whitewater State Park MN DNR $710,265
178-G Schneider Kurt Swedish Immigrant Regional Trail, Interstate State Park Connection Chisago County $1,785,000
179-G Albright Bruce Wolverton Creek Land Acquisition and Stream Habitat Restoration Buffalo-Red River Watershed District $9,550,000
180-G Keith Linda Tower Trailhead Boat Landing and Habitat Improvement City of Tower $983,448
H. Other
(RECEIVED: 1 proposal/subtotal = $135,000 )
181-H Sherman-Hoehn Katherine Contract Agreement Reimbursement MN DNR $135,000
J. Governor Vetoed Appropriations
(RECEIVED: 1 proposal/subtotal = $488,128 )
191-J Callahan Peggy Real Wildlife, Real Conservation, Real Impact Wildlife Science Center $488,128
K. Proposals Received in Response to Extended Deadline of 6/26/2016
(RECEIVED: 5 proposal/subtotal = $13,565,000 )
192-K Janssen Jim Voyageurs National Park Crane Lake Visitor Center Partnership Town of Crane Lake $950,000
193-K Reese Michael Organic Weed Control Using Solar-Powered Robots U of MN - Morris $1,650,000
194-K Elias Mikael Unique Modular Filter for Keeping Minnesota Waters Chemical-Free U of MN $905,700
195-K Sorensen Peter Lock-and_Dam #5: Carp Deterrent Engineering and Environmental Groundwork U of MN $1,298,580
196-K Hoek Tabor CREP Implementation Phase 1 Board of Water and Soil $8,761,320

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