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2012-2013 ENRTF Proposals Received and Selected to Present

2012-2013 ENRTF Proposals Received and Selected to Present - Listed By Topic Area

In response to the 2012-2013 Request for Proposal (RFP), due April 6, 2012, 169 proposals requesting a total of approximately $155 million were received. This RFP process is for funding available beginning July 1, 2013. For that period, approximately $34 million from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund is currently expected to be available to recommend for project funding.

On June 5, 2012, the LCCMR selected 66* proposals requesting a total of approximately $74 million to invite in to present before the Commission and receive further consideration on June 19, 20, 27, and 28. [*Note: 65 proposals consists of 57 individual proposals plus 1 partnership proposal (Metro Conservation Corridors, #064-D) containing a total of 8 individual sub-proposals: 57+8=65.]

Proposal Presentation Schedule for June 19, 20, 27, and 28.

Check the LCCMR schedule for the most up-to-date information on important process dates.

Visit the 2012-2013 Proposal & Funding Process Main Page for additional information.

Note About Proposal Listings
All proposals received in response to the 2012-2013 RFP are listed below. Proposals that were selected on 06/05/12 to present before the Commission and receive further consideration are indicated with an "X" in the left-most "Selected to Present" column.

Print-ready List of Proposals Selected to Present to the LCCMR
Click here for 2012-2013 Proposals selected to present to the LCCMR - listed by category and proposer last name with project summaries (9-page PDF file).

Viewing Proposals

  • Click on the "ID #" of the proposal to view the full proposal.
  • To find specific proposals within the table you can use your browser's page-search function to search for a project by Project Manager 'Last Name', 'Project Title', or 'Organization'. In most browsers, the page-search function can be accessed under the browser's 'Edit' drop-down menu or by pressing 'Control+F' on a PC or 'Command+F' on a Mac.

Proposals selected to present to LCCMR are indicated with an "X" in the left-most "Selected to Present" column.

Selected to Present

ID #

Last Name

First Name

Project Title


A. Fisheries & Wildlife Research (RECEIVED: 12 proposals/subtotal = $5,397,037; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 4 proposals/subtotal = $2,441,179)
001-A Pereira Donald Sustaining Lakes in a Changing Environment Phase 2 MN DNR $1,411,871
002-A Spivak Marla Bee Lawns: A Unique Way to Help Pollinators U of MN $282,574
003-A Ziegeweid Jeffrey Using Chemical-Tracking Techniques to Improve Sturgeon Management U.S. Geological Survey $398,191
004-A Moen Ron Moose Habitat Restoration in Northeastern Minnesota U of MN - Duluth NRRI $219,734
005-A Jacobson Peter Cisco Assessment Program Development MN DNR $281,000
006-A Lauer Jack Assessing Impacts to Fish Populations in Minnesota River MN DNR $527,000
007-A Lewis Timothy Endocrine-Active Contaminants in Minnesota's Shallow Lakes University of St Thomas $293,000
008-A Roy Charlotte Population Ecology of Wood Ducks in Minnesota MN DNR $677,175
009-A Zink Robert A Proactive Approach to Managing CWD in Minnesota U of MN $459,463
010-A Venturelli Paul Developing Public Fishing Tournaments to Control Expanding Bass U of MN $243,978
011-A Ferrington Leonard Modeling to Prioritize Efforts to Improve Trout Streams U of MN $422,043
012-A Viker Travis Bald Eagle Survey Pilot Project Private Citizen $181,008
B. Forestry/Agriculture/Minerals (RECEIVED: 20 proposals/subtotal = $16,265,748; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 9 proposals/subtotal = $5,332,439)
013-B Hauck Steven How Do Natural Copper-Nickel Bedrocks Influence Water Quality? U of MN - Duluth NRRI $669,267
014-B Fosnacht Donald Understanding Environmental/Economic Consequences of Frac Sand Mining U of MN - Duluth NRRI $1,185,260
015-B Berndt Michael Mining Sulfate Released North from the Iron Range MN DNR $447,172
016-B Ek Alan Rapid Forest Ecosystem and Habitat Inventory by Imputation U of MN $523,000
017-B Beckwith John Controlling Terrestrial Invasive Plants with Grazing Animals Hiawatha Valley Resource Conservation & Development, Inc. $52,000
018-B Wenz Zach Sulfate Release Rates from Specific Mine Waste Types MN DNR $200,000
019-B Blanchette Robert Finding Disease Resistant Elm Trees in Minnesota U of MN $431,000
020-B Hu Bo Phosphorus Removal by a Special Phosphorus Accumulating Fungus U of MN $250,000
021-B Levar Thomas Environmentally Sustainable Restoration Methods for Northeastern Minnesota Forestlands U of MN - Duluth NRRI $491,000
022-B Blinn Charles Enhancing Timber Sale Program Environmental and Economic Sustainability U of MN $336,000
023-B Penning Bill Conservation Grazing to Improve Wildlife Habitat on WMAs MN DNR $1,200,000
024-B Zamora Diomy Enhancing Environmental and Economic Benefits of Woodland Grazing U of MN $380,000
025-B Martin Dennis Create Construction Aggregate Resource Maps for Five Counties MN DNR $900,000
026-B Nelson Jon Redesigned State and County Land Forest Inventory System MN DNR $3,400,000
027-B Fernholz Kathryn Realizing County Forests' Full Potential Through Improved Inventory Dovetail Partners, Inc. $1,294,000
028-B Donahue Patrick Strengthening Minnesotas Forest Health Using Thermal Modification Technology U of MN - Duluth NRRI $310,965
029-B Hoganson Howard Understanding Opportunities for Minnesotas State Forest Lands U of MN $378,664
030-B Meschke Linda Implementing Landscape Scale BMPs in South Central Minnesota Rural Advantage $2,997,000
031-B Barbour James Beneficial Use Determination for Corn Cob Ash Fertilizer U of MN - Morris $636,000
032-B Paulson James Phosphorus Balance on Livestock Farms in Focus Watersheds U of MN $184,420
C1. Invasive Species - Aquatic (RECEIVED: 15 proposals/subtotal = $20,637,158; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 8 proposals/subtotal = $11,193,210)
033-C1 (Revised) Sorensen Peter An Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center U of MN $8,724,628
034-C1 Gaikowski Mark Evaluating Effects of Pf-CL145A on Native Aquatic Animals US Geological Survey, Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center $146,800
035-C1 Gaikowski Mark Integrated Control of Dreissenid Mussels in Minnesota Waters US Geological Survey, Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center $454,522
036-C1 Cotner James Controlling Invasive Species by Injecting CO2 in Lakes U of MN $432,000
037-C1 Schlagenhaft Tim Risk Analysis of Vulnerability to Asian Carp MN DNR $400,000
038-C1 Hale Cindy Protecting Minnesota's Vital Small Wetlands in Forest Habitats U of MN - Duluth NRRI $225,698
039-C1 Mensinger Allen Grounding the Flying Carp with Innovative Sound Technologies U of MN - Duluth $256,169
040-C1 Newman Raymond Manipulating Fisheries to Enhance Biocontrol of Eurasian Watermilfoil U of MN $376,200
041-C1 Delong Michael Strategy for River Management Following Asian Carp Invasion Winona State University $239,091
042-C1 Parsons Bradford Detection and Monitoring of Asian Carp Populations MN DNR $540,000
043-C1 Kozarek Jessica Prediction of Zebra Mussel Spread in Minnesota Waters U of MN $627,837
044-C1 Reynolds Kevin Invasives Reduction: Mobile Emergency Ballast Water Treatment System National Parks of Lake Superior Foundation $1,310,200
045-C1 Gustafson James Itasca County Cooperative Invasive Species Management Itasca County Soil and Water Conservation District $224,020
046-C1 Fisher Shannon Curly Leaf Pondweed Treatment and Removal Effectiveness Mankato State University - Water Resources Ctr $285,000
047-C1 Henschel Andy Shallow Lake Carp Exclusion: Shell Rock Watershed Shell Rock River Watershed District $1,131,750
C2. Invasive Species - Terrestrial (RECEIVED: 10 proposals/subtotal = $3,223,294; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 4 proposals/subtotal = $1,766,500)
048-C2 Chandler Monika Search and Destroy Target Invasive Plant Species MN Department of Agriculture $512,000
049-C2 Van Riper Laura Biological Control of Garlic Mustard MN DNR $150,000
050-C2 Abrahamson Mark Improving Emerald Ash Borer Detection Efficacy for Control MN Department of Agriculture $794,500
051-C2 Reich Peter Post-Removal Techniques for Permanent Buckthorn Control U of MN $310,000
052-C2 Schilling Jonathan Developing Economic Incentives for Eradicating Buckthorn U of MN $366,766
053-C2 Krischik Vera Best Seasonal Time for Landscape Management of EAB U of MN $281,473
054-C2 Lehman Clarence Innovative Techniques for Monitoring Movements of Invasive Species U of MN $244,000
055-C2 Martinson Krishona Controlling Invasive, Poisonous Weeds: Wild Parsnip and Foxglove U of MN $183,786
056-C2 Hibbard Calder Minnesota Forest Invasives: Assessment and Statewide Recommendations Minnesota Forest Resources Council $130,096
057-C2 Krischik Vera Reducing Spread of Japanese Beetle with Biological Control U of MN $250,673
D. Land Acquisition & Restoration (RECEIVED: 31 proposals/subtotal = $74,338,405; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 18 proposals/subtotal = $37,984,805)
058-D Booth Peggy SNA Acquisition, Restoration, Enhancement & Citizen Engagement MN DNR $4,686,400
059-D Garms Jason Native Prairie Stewardship & Prairie Bank Easement Acquisition MN DNR $1,080,000
060-D Christie Jennifer State Parks and State Trails Land Acquisition MN DNR $2,000,000
061-D Lines Kevin RIM Reserve--Targeting Critically Vulnerable Expiring CRP Acres Board of Water and Soil Resources $17,000,000
062-D Moe Peter Landscape Arboretum Acquisition of Property Surrounding Lake Tamarack U of MN - Landscape Arboretum $2,000,000
063-D Schlagenhaft Tim Restoring Aquatic Habitat to Combat Asian Carp MN DNR $3,000,000
064-D Strommen Sarah MeCC VII - Metropolitan Conservation Corridors (MeCC) Phase 7 Overall Summary & 1.1-1.2 [Includes 8 individual proposals] - $5,013,000 Minnesota Land Trust $50,000
  Lewanski Tom MeCC VII - 2.1 & 3.4: Protect, Restore and Enhance Significant Watershed Habitat Friends of the Mississippi River $442,000
  Buck Wiley MeCC VII - 2.3: Restoring Our Lands and Waters Great River Greening $421,000
  Singer Alan MeCC VII - 2.6 & 3.7: Dakota County Lakeshore and Riparian Protection Dakota County $850,000
  Nash Becca MeCC VII - 3.1: 2013 TPLs Critical Land Protection Program The Trust for Public Land $1,000,000
  Strommen Sarah MeCC VII - 3.2: Protect Signifcant Habitat by Acquiring Conservation Easements Minnesota Land Trust $750,000
  Loon Deborah MeCC VII - 3.3: Priority Expansion of Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust, Inc. $1,000,000
  Rivers Patrick MeCC VII - 3.5: WMA Acquisition MN DNR $500,000
065-D Hrubes Jeff Coldwater Fishery Lakes Protection Through Working Forest Easements Board of Water and Soil Resources $3,785,000
066-D Loon Deborah Priority Acquisition for Minnesota Valley Wetland Management District MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust, Inc. $680,000
067-D Buck Daryl Southeast Minnesota Sensitive Habitat Protection Program (SHPP) Winona County Soil & Water Conservation District $1,638,000
068-D Kroll Thomas Preserving the Avon Hills Landscape: Phase 2 Saint John's University $994,000
069-D Rivers Patrick WMA Acquisition in the Metro/Urbanizing and Prairie Landscapes MN DNR $3,000,000
070-D Tomlinson Robert State Land Asset Management MN DNR $3,544,000
071-D Winter Brian Invasive Species Control in Grassland and Wetland Habitats The Nature Conservancy $824,000
072-D Fauskee Jeremy Centennial Blowdown Restoration MN DNR $2,894,000
073-D McGillivray Robert Frogtown Farm and Park The Trust for Public Land $1,500,000
074-D Fouchi Catherine Americas Great Outdoors (AGO) Minnesota River Corridor Enhancement MN DNR $1,677,900
075-D Voit Jan Heron Lake Sediment and Phosphorus Reduction Implementation Projects Heron Lake Watershed District $122,000
076-D Klement Lauren Restoring Water Quality on Fourteen Southern Minnesota Lakes Le Sueur County $695,405
077-D Bernstein Barry Vermillion Landing: Community-Based Stewardship and Restoration City of Hastings $138,400
078-D Braddy Dale Northland Arboretum & Paul Bunyan Conservation Area Expansion Northland Arboretum $5,496,300
079-D Henschel Andy Wedge Creek Stream Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Shell Rock River Watershed District $570,000
080-D Heinz Matthew Lake Zumbro Evironmental Restoration Project The Olmsted-Wabasha Counties Lake Zumbro Joint Powers Board $7,000,000
081-D Vande Linde Aaron Acquisition of School Trust Lands through Eminent Domain MN DNR $5,000,000
E1. Natural Resource Information Collection & Analysis - Statewide (RECEIVED: 7 proposals/subtotal = $9,230,000; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 5 proposals/subtotal = $8,042,000)
082-E1 Converse Carmen Minnesota Biological Survey MN DNR $2,600,000
083-E1 Setterholm Dale MGS County Geologic Atlases (Part A) for Improved Water Management U of MN - MN Geological Survey $1,200,000
084-E1 Falteisek Jan County Geologic Atlas for Water Resource Sustainability MN DNR $2,180,000
085-E1 Kloiber Steve Updating the National Wetland Inventory for Minnesota - Phase 4 MN DNR $1,751,000
086-E1 Weiblen George Enabling Dynamic Access to Biodiversity Information U of MN $311,000
087-E1 Wilson Bruce Mapping Landscapes for Better Land and Water Quality MN Pollution Control Agency $360,000
088-E1 Green Jeff State Spring Inventory for Resource Management and Protection MN DNR $828,000
E2. Natural Resource Information Collection & Analysis (RECEIVED: 16 proposals/subtotal = $5,389,357; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 4 proposals/subtotal = $2,336,908)
089-E2 Salomon Christine Harnessing Soudan Mine Microbes: Bioremediation, Bioenergy and Biocontrol U of MN $838,000
090-E2 Marshall Julian Addressing Ozone and Particulate Matter Pollution in Minnesota U of MN $262,932
091-E2 Montgomery Rebecca Understanding Minnesota's Changing Seasons to Improve Resource Management U of MN $266,138
092-E2 Cowdery Tim Measuring Hydrologic Benefits from Glacial Ridge Habitat Restoration Red Lake Watershed District $551,500
093-E2 Damon Susan Conservation Easement Stewardship Program, Phase III MN DNR $684,476
094-E2 Goehring Julie Red River Basin Water Measurement Networks Red River Basin Commission $352,066
095-E2 Cornett Meredith Minnesota from Above: Informing Conservation through Satellite Imagery The Nature Conservancy $385,920
096-E2 Drazkowski Barry Southeastern Minnesota Resource Vulnerability Assessment and Educational Project Saint Mary's University $316,000
097-E2 Musser Kimberly Minnesota River Basin Report Card Mankato State University - Water Resources Ctr $182,951
098-E2 Nelson Paul Tracking Private Landowner Motivations for Water Resource Conservation Scott County/ Scott WMO $194,914
099-E2 Singer Alan Greenvale Agricultural Conservation Reserve Dakota County $250,000
100-E2 Holman Todd A Strategy Protecting Land for Waters Sake The Nature Conservancy $440,000
101-E2 Strassman Sara Toward a Free-Flowing Minnesota: Valuing Dam Removal American Rivers $295,000
102-E2 Goodrich Douglas Redwood and Cottonwood Watershed Historic Air-Photo Georeferencing Project Redwood-Cottonwood Rivers Control Area (RCRCA) $64,280
103-E2 Moore Richard GBERBA Region Culvert and Burnline Inventory Enhancing LiDar Mankato State University - Water Resources Ctr $247,460
104-E2 Abou Seraphin Chally Analytical Method for Water Quality Assessment U of MN - Duluth $57,720
F. Outreach/Education/Training (RECEIVED: 25 proposals/subtotal = $6,780,994; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 3 proposals/subtotal = $876,000)
105-F Lais Greg Youth Outdoors: Mississippi River Education and Employment Opportunities Wilderness Inquiry $490,000
106-F Woods Steve Minnesota Conservation Apprentice Academy MN Board of Water and Soil Resources $186,000
107-F Lennon Megan Protecting Minnesota's Soils: The Year of Soil Quality Board of Water and Soil Resources $200,000
108-F Kowalczak Courtney Expanding River Watch Into Tribal Schools Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College $262,954
109-F Everett Leslie Training for Engaging Landowners in Reducing River Sediment U of MN $245,000
110-F Kean Allan Accelerate Soil and Water Conservation District Technical Credentials Board of Water and Soil Resources $197,000
111-F McDonald Kevin Leveraging Retired Experts to Improve Environmental Performance MN Pollution Control Agency $455,500
112-F Winkelman Jenny Using Training to Prevent Salt Pollution Mississippi Watershed Management Organization $369,840
113-F Fisher Henry Reducing Garbage Burning and Dioxin Emissions Grant Program MN Pollution Control Agency $620,000
114-F Slesak Robert Forest Management Guidelines: Implementation Tools for Improved Stewardship Minnesota Forest Resources Council $124,000
115-F Knapp Peggy Master Water Stewards: Community Leadership for Cleaner Water Freshwater Society $322,000
116-F Ledermann Jeff Integration of Environmental and Outdoor Education into K-12 MN Department of Education $300,000
117-F Skov Kyle Applying Minnesota Drainage Law - Digital Edition Board of Water and Soil Resources $235,000
118-F Ous Garrett Youth-Driven Forestry Education and Service in Northeastern Minnesota Itasca County $236,000
119-F Sparlin Scott Community Clean-Ups for Water Quality Friends of the Minnesota Valley $85,100
120-F Blair Robert Stop Aquatic Invasives: Trained Minnesotans on the Frontline U of MN $360,000
121-F Dahlberg Elana Phyllis Wheatley Environmental Explorers Phyllis Wheatley Community Center $90,000
122-F Eckman Karlyn Improving and Measuring Project Outcomes through Evaluation Training U of MN $190,000
123-F Eadens Lisa Building Recreational Learning Sites in the Zumbro Watershed Zumbro Watershed Partnership, Inc. $411,934
124-F Joannides Jan Women Caring for the Land Renewing the Countryside $164,000
125-F Doering Aaron Earthducation: MN - Exploring Sustainability throughout Minnesota U of MN $466,386
126-F Johnson Jay Hunting Skills Education Grant Program MN DNR $315,000
127-F Braker Nancy Cannon River Watershed Invasive Species Volunteer Stewardship Network Carleton College $237,000
128-F Graddick Collie Minnesota Multicultural Sustainable Backyard Farming Program Community Table Association of Cooperatives $117,000
129-F Spencer Sue Online Simulation of Water Quality and Mining AI Consultants $101,280
G. Recreation (RECEIVED: 5 proposals/subtotal = $3,170,800; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 1 proposal/subtotal = $400,000)
130-G Nelson Deb Casey Jones State Trail Development and Ecological Enhancement City of Pipestone $1,500,000
131-G Hark Peter Statewide Fishing Pier Cooperative Projects and MinnAqua Events MN DNR $910,000
132-G Ringold Jennifer Fighting Carp by Improving Mississippi Access and Awareness Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board $210,800
133-G Exner Kent Restoring Connectivity and Public Access to Campbell Lake City of Hutchinson $400,000
134-G Scott Matthew Transforming Decaying Urban Landscape into Recreational Green Space Dribble Daily foundation $150,000
H. Renewable Energy (RECEIVED: 4 proposals/subtotal = $3,338,000; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 0 proposals/subtotal = $00)
135-H Ruan Roger Ready-to-use Fuels Production and Waste Remediation Demonstration Project U of MN $1,555,000
136-H Bergh Rob Renewable Energy Leadership Centers MN DNR $1,400,000
137-H Lindquist Mark Prairie Grass: A Cost Competitive Heating Fuel MN DNR $220,000
138-H Port Ryan School of Environmental Studies - Wind Jet 50kW Financial Windependence $163,000
I. Water Resources (RECEIVED: 23 proposals/subtotal = $6,722,298; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 10 proposals/subtotal = $3,237,932)
139-I Brown Erik Evaluating Lake Superior's Health in a Changing World U of MN - Duluth $600,000
140-I Novak Paige Membranes for Wastewater-Generated Hydrogen and Clean Water U of MN $246,000
141-I Mulla David Removing Pesticides and Nitrate with Optimized Wetlands U of MN $323,841
142-I Kruse Greg Managing Rivers to Ensure Future Demands for Water MN DNR $275,000
143-I Adams Byron Evaluating Groundwater Threats from Contaminants of Emerging Concern MN Pollution Control Agency $388,273
144-I Johnson Lucinda Predicting Nuisance Algae Blooms in Minnesota Lakes U of MN - Duluth NRRI $249,510
145-I LaPara Timothy Modern Microbiological Analysis of Public Drinking Water Supplies U of MN $145,355
146-I Jones Perry Protecting Northeast Twin Cities Water Supplies and Lakes U.S. Geological Survey $536,156
147-I Schottler Shawn Quantifying Effectiveness of BMPs in Reducing Field Erosion Science Museum of Minnesota $256,462
148-I Elliott Sarah Effectiveness of Stormwater Ponds at Reducing PAH Toxicity U.S. Geological Survey $398,501
149-I Valentas Kenneth Stopping Phosphorous from Entering Water Resources and Fisheries U of MN $398,000
150-I Engstrom Daniel Understanding Recent Ecological Changes in Minnesotas Wilderness Lakes Science Museum of Minnesota $326,000
151-I LaPara Timothy Wastewater Treatment to Destroy Antibiotic Resistance: Minnesotas Story U of MN $148,855
152-I Wammer Kristine Antibiotics in Minnesota Waters: Phase 2, Mississippi River University of St. Thomas $203,000
153-I Novak Paige Understanding Novel Microorganisms to Enhance Cleanup of Pollutants U of MN $194,000
154-I Nordby Bev Integrated Drainage Water Management Evaluation Mower Soil & Water Conservation District $261,720
155-I Schoenfuss Heiko Watershed-Wide Identification and Remediation of Endocrine Active Compounds Saint Cloud State University $289,535
156-I Baker Larry Evaluating Effluent Reuse in the Minnesota River Basin U of MN $338,467
157-I Kennedy Julie Voyageurs National Park Clean Water Project Voyaguers National Park Clean Water Project Joint Powers Board $150,000
158-I Smith Conor Low Cost Remediation of PAHs from Pond Sediment United Science Corp. $316,000
159-I Siderius Natalie Whitewater Watershed Performance-Based Farm Environmental Management Program Whitewater River Watershed Project $343,500
160-I Goodrich Douglas Minnesota River Tributary Citizen Selected BMP Effectiveness Assessment Redwood-Cottonwood Rivers Control Area (RCRCA) $190,000
161-I Nordrum Shirley Addressing Wastewater Problems In North Central Minnesota U of MN Extension $144,123
J. Other (RECEIVED: 1 proposal/subtotal = $135,200; SELECTED TO PRESENT: 0 proposals/subtotal = $0)
162-J Lynch Kristel Contract Management MN DNR $135,200
OVERALL TOTAL =   $154,628,291

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