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M.L. 2020 ENRTF Recommendations

2020 Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund Recommendations

As of July 17, 2019, the Legislative‐Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) has tentatively selected through simple majority 77 projects totaling $61,387,000 to recommend to the 2020 Minnesota Legislature for funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF). A final decision on recommendations is pending. In response to LCCMR's 2020 Request for Proposal (RFP), 290 proposals requesting a total of approximately $203 million were received and considered through a competitive, multi‐stage evaluation. The following tentative recommendations range from funding the full proposal and dollar amount requested to partial funding for specific proposal elements.


Viewing Original Proposals and Draft Work Plans

  • Click on the proposal ENRTF ID # to view the original proposal
  • To find specific projects within the table you can use your browser's page-search function to search for a project by Project Manager 'Last Name', 'Project Title', or 'Organization'. In most browsers, the page-search function can be accessed under the browser's 'Edit' drop-down menu or by pressing 'Control+F' on a PC or 'Command+F' on a Mac.

Topic Area ENRTF $
Percentage of Total
Subd. 03 Foundational Natural Resource Data and Information
(15 Projects)
$8,593,000 14.00%
Subd. 04 Water Resources
(8 Projects)
$3,653,000 5.95%
Subd. 05 Technical Assistance, Outreach, and Environmental Education
(9 Projects)
$2,738,000 4.46%
Subd. 06 Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species
(7 Projects)
$10,425,000 16.98%
Subd. 07 Air Quality, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy
(3 Projects)
$573,000 0.93%
Subd. 08 Methods to Protect or Restore Land, Water, and Habitat
(12 Projects)
$4,219,000 6.87%
Subd. 09 Land Acquisition, Habitat, and Recreation
(21 Projects)
$29,551,000 48.14%
Subd. 10 Administration and Contract Agreement Reimbursement
(1 Project)
$135,000 0.22%
Subd. 11 Wastewater Treatment Recommendations
(1 Project)
$1,500,000 2.44%
Total Project $ $61,387,000 100%

Fund Source $ Amount
FY 2021 - Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF) $61,387,000
Total $ $61,387,000

*NOTE: Region of Impact designated in the State include Statewide, Central, Metro, NE, NW, SE, SW. Metro region includes the 11 counties of Anoka, Carver, Chisago, Dakota, Hennepin, Isanti, Ramsey, Scott, Sherburne, Washington, and Wright.

Original Proposal
Title Total LCCMR $ FY2021 Organization Project
Region of Impact*
Subd. 03 Foundational Natural Resource Data and Information
(15 Projects - Subtotal = $8,593,000)
001-A Geologic Atlases for Water Resource Management $2,000,000 U of MN - Minnesota Geological Survey Barbara Lusardi Statewide
002-A Expanding the Minnesota Ecological Monitoring Network $800,000 MN DNR Hannah Texler Statewide
007-A County Groundwater Atlas $1,125,000 MN DNR Paul Putzier Statewide
008-A Foundational Hydrology Data for Wetland Protection and Restoration $300,000 MN DNR Doug Norris Statewide
014-A Voyageurs Wolf Project – Phase II $575,000 U of MN Joseph Bump NE
016-A Expanding Restoration and Promoting Awareness of Native Mussels $489,000 Minnesota Zoological Society Seth Stapleton Statewide
017-A Improving Pollinator Conservation by Revealing Habitat Needs $500,000 U of MN Colleen Satyshur Statewide
018-A Bee Minnesota - Protect our Native Bumblebees $650,000 U of MN Declan Schroeder Statewide
019-A Bobcat and Fisher Habitat Use and Interactions $400,000 U of MN Michael Joyce Central, Metro, NW, NE
025-A Healthy Prairies III: Restoring MN prairie plant diversity $500,000 U of MN Ruth Shaw Central, Metro, NW, SW, SE
040-A Freshwater Sponges and AIS: Engaging Citizen Scientists $400,000 U of MN Venugopal Mukku Statewide
047-AH Do Beavers Buffer Against Droughts and Floods? $168,000 Voyageurs National Park Steve Windels NE
048-AH Enhancing Bat Recovery by Optimizing Artificial Roost Structures $190,000 MN DNR Ed Quinn Statewide
049-AH Tools for Supporting Healthy Ecosystems and Pollinators $198,000 MN DNR Jessica Petersen Statewide
056-AH Conserving Black Terns and Forsters Terns in Minnesota $198,000 U of MN - Duluth NRRI Annie Bracey Statewide
Foundational Natural Resource Data and Information Subtotal = $8,593,000      
Subd.04 Water Resources
(8 Projects - Subtotal = $3,653,000)
070-B Unprecedented Change Threatens Minnesotas Pristine Lakes $600,000 Science Museum of Minnesota Mark Edlund Central, NW, NE
080-B Managing Highly Saline Waste from Municipal Water Treatment $250,000 U of MN Natasha Wright Statewide
083-B Technology for Energy-Generating Onsite Industrial Wastewater Treatment $450,000 U of MN Paige Novak Statewide
087-B Microplastics: Transporters of Contaminants in Minnesota Waters $425,000 U of MN Lee Penn Statewide
098-B Developing Strategies to Manage PFAS in Land-Applied Biosolids $1,000,000 Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Summer Streets Statewide
104-B Quantifying A New Urban Precipitation/Water Reality $500,000 U of MN Joe Magner Statewide
114-B Innovative Solution for Protecting Minnesota from PFAS contamination $250,000 Dem-Con Bill Keegan Metro
116-BH Expanding Protection of Minnesota Water through Industrial Conservation $178,000 U of MN Laura Babcock Statewide
Water Resources Subtotal = $3,653,000      
Subd. 05 Technical Assistance, Outreach, and Environmental Education
(9 Projects - Subtotal = $2,738,000)
122-C Statewide Environmental Education via Public Television Outdoor Series $300,000 Pioneer Public Television Cindy Dorn Statewide
123-C Minnesota Freshwater Quest: Environmental Education on State Waterways $500,000 Wilderness Inquiry Julie Edmiston Statewide
124-C TeachScience: Schools as STEM living laboratories $250,000 Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy Kristen Poppleton Statewide
125-C Mentoring the Next Generation of Conservation Professionals $500,000 Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust, Inc. Deborah Loon Central, Metro, SE
127-C Jay C. Hormel Nature Center Supplemental Teaching Staff $225,000 City of Austin Luke Reese SE
129-C 450 Underserved, Diverse Youth Gain Environmental Education $375,000 YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities Beth Becker Metro, NE
137-CH YES! Students Take on Water Quality Challenge Phase-II $199,000 Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center Shelli-Kae Foster Statewide
138-CH Engaging Minnesotans with Phenology: Radio, Podcasts, Citizen Science $198,000 Northern Community Radio, Inc. Maggie Montgomery Statewide
139-CH Driving Conservation Behavior for Mussels and Water Quality $191,000 Minnesota Zoo Emily Kalnicky Statewide
Technical Assistance, Outreach, and Environmental Education Subtotal = $2,738,000      
Subd.06 Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species
(7 Projects - Subtotal = $10,425,000)
155-D Minnesota Invasive Terrestrial Plants and Pests Center (MITPPC) Phase 5 $5,000,000 U of MN - MITPPC Robert Venette Statewide
156-D Protect Community Forests by Managing Ash for EAB $3,500,000 MN DNR Valerie McClannahan Statewide
157-D White Nose Bat Syndrome Biological Control: Phase 3 $440,000 U of MN Christine Salomon Statewide
158-D Applying New Tools and Techniques against Invasive Carp $478,000 MN DNR Brian Nerbonne Central, SW
159-D EAB and Black Ash: Maintaining Forests and Benefits $700,000 U of MN Robert Slesak Statewide
167-DH How Effective and Protective are AIS Removal Methods? $110,000 U of MN - Duluth NRRI Valerie Brady Statewide
168-DH Invasive Rock Snot Threatens North Shore Streams $197,000 Science Museum of Minnesota Mark Edlund NE
Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species Subtotal = $10,425,000      
Subd. 07 Air Quality and Renewable Energy
(3 Projects - Subtotal = $573,000)
173-E Storing Renewable Energy in Flow-Battery for Grid Use $250,000 U of MN - Morris Bryan Herrmann Central
198-EH Eco-Friendly Plastics from Cloquet Pulp-Mill Lignin $193,000 U of MN Simo Sarkanen Central, NW, NE
199-EH Diverting Unsold Food from Landfills, Reducing Greenhouse Gases $130,000 Second Harvest Heartland April Rog Metro
Air Quality and Renewable Energy Subtotal = $573,000      
Subd. 08 Methods to Protect or Restore Land, Water, and Habitat
(12 Projects - Subtotal = $4,219,000)
207-F Pollinator Central: Habitat improvement with citizen monitoring $750,000 Great River Greening Wiley Buck Central, Metro
209-F Pollinator & Beneficial Insect Strategic Habitat Program $750,000 MN Board of Water and Soil Resources Dan Shaw Statewide
215-F Lignin-coated Fertilizers for Phosphate Control $250,000 U of MN - Duluth NRRI Eric Singsaas Statewide
216-F Implementing Hemp Crop Rotation to Improve Water Quality $700,000 Central Lakes College Keith Olander Central, Metro, SW
218-F Developing Cover Crop Systems for Sugarbeet Production $300,000 U of MN Anna Cates Central, NW
219-F Native Eastern Larch Beetle is Decimating Minnesotas Tamarack Forests $398,000 U of MN Brian Aukema Central, Metro, NW, NE
224-F Habitat Associations of Mississippi Bottomland Forest Marsh Birds $275,000 National Audubon Society Luis Ramirez SE
244-FH Peatland Restoration in the Lost River State Forest $135,000 Roseau River Watershed District Torin McCormack NW
245-FH Prescribed Burning for Brushland-Dependent Species-Phase II $147,000 U of MN Rebecca Montgomery NE
247-FH Pollinator Habitat Creation Along the Urban Mississippi River $129,000 Friends of the Mississippi River Betsy Daub Metro
255-FH Increase Golden Shiner Production to Protect Aquatic Communities $188,000 U of MN - Duluth - Sea Grant John Downing Statewide
259-FH Restoring Turf to Native Pollinator Gardens Across Metro $197,000 Wilderness in the City Holly Jenkins Metro
Methods to Protect, Restore, and Enhance Land, Water, and Habitat Subtotal = $4,219,000      
Subd. 09 Land Acquisition, Habitat, and Recreation
(21 Projects - Subtotal = $29,551,000)
261-G DNR Scientific and Natural Areas $3,000,000 MN DNR Judy Schulte Statewide
262-G Private Native Prairie Conservation through Native Prairie Bank $2,000,000 MN DNR Judy Schulte Central, NW, SW, SE
263-G Minnesota State Parks and State Trails In-Holdings $3,500,000 MN DNR Jennifer Christie Statewide
264-G Grants for Local Parks, Trails, and Natural Areas $2,400,000 MN DNR Audrey Mularie Statewide
265-G Mississippi River Aquatic Habitat Restoration and Mussel Reintroduction $1,800,000 Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Adam Arvidson Metro
266-G Minnesota Hunter Walking Trails, Public Land Recreational Access $300,000 Ruffed Grouse Society Gary Drotts Central, NW, NE
267-G Turning Back to Rivers: Environmental and Recreational Protection $1,000,000 The Trust for Public Land DJ Forbes Central, Metro, SW, SE
268-G Metropolitan Regional Parks System Land Acquisition Phase 6 $1,000,000 Metropolitan Council Emmett Mullin Metro
269-G Minnesota State Trails Development $994,000 MN DNR Kent Skaar Statewide
270-G Elm Creek Restoration Phase IV $500,000 City of Champlin Todd Tuominen Metro
271-G Superior Hiking Trail As Environmental Showcase $450,000 Superior Hiking Trail Association Denny Caneff NE
274-G Acquire Riverfront Land at Upper St. Anthony Falls $2,800,000 Friends of the Lock & Dam Kjersti Monson Metro
275-G Whiskey Creek & Mississippi River Water Quality/Habitat/Recreation Project $500,000 Mississippi Headwaters Board Tim Terrill Central
276-G Perham to Pelican Rapids Regional Trail (West Segment) $2,600,000 Otter Tail County Charles Grotte Central
277-G Crow Wing County Community Natural Area Acquisition $400,000 Crow Wing County Ryan Simonson Central
279-G Rocori Trail Phase 3 $1,200,000 ROCORI Trail Construction Board Pete Weber Central
281-G Mesabi Trail; New Trail and Additional Funding $1,000,000 St. Louis and Lake Counties Regional Railroad Authority Robert Manzoline NE
283-G Ranier Safe Harbor/Transient Dock on Rainy Lake $762,000 City of Ranier Sherril Gautreaux NE
284-G Crane Lake Voygeurs National Park Campground & Visitors Center $3,100,000 Town of Crane Lake Jim Janssen NE
285-GH Chippewa Acquisition, Recreation and Education $160,000 Chippewa County Scott Williams SW
289-GH Sportsmens Training and Developmental Learning Center $85,000 Minnesota Forest Zone Trappers Association Ray Sogard NE
Land Acquisition, Habitat, and Recreation Subtotal = $29,551,000      
Subd. 10 Administration and Contract Agreement Reimbursement
(1 Project - Subtotal = $135,000)
290-I Contract Agreement Reimbursement $135,000 MN DNR Katherine Sherman-Hoehn Statewide
Administration and Contract Agreement Subtotal = $135,000      
Subd. 11 Wastewater Treatment Projects
(1 Project - Subtotal = $1,500,000)
291-J Water Infrastructure Grants $1,500,000 Public Facilities Authority Jeff Freeman Statewide
Wastewater Treatment Subtotal = $1,500,000      
Total $ Recommended = $61,387,000      

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