Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources


Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources

M.L. 2019 ENRTF Recommendations

2019 Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund Recommendations

As of July 18, 2018 the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) has selected 67 projects totaling $53,695,700 to recommend to the 2019 Minnesota Legislature for funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF). The recommendations are the result of the LCCMR's 2019 Request for Proposal (RFP) process, in which 273 proposals requesting a total of approximately $191 million were received and considered through a competitive, multi-stage evaluation. The recommendations range from funding the full proposal and dollar amount requested to partial funding for specific proposal elements.


Viewing Original Proposals and Draft Work Plans

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Topic Area
$ Recommended
Percentage of Total Recommendation
Category A. Foundational Natural Resource Data and Information
(16 Recommendations)
$9,918,000 18.47%
Category B. Water Resources
(19 Recommendations)
$5,215,000 9.71%
Category C. Environmental Education
(3 Recommendations)
$886,000 1.65%
Category D. Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species
(2 Recommendations)
$3,100,000 5.77%
Category E. Air Quality, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy
(4 Recommendations)
$1,485,000 2.77%
Category F. Methods to Protect or Restore Land, Water, and Habitat
(4 Recommendations)
$4,453,000 8.29%
Category G. Land Acquisition, Habitat, and Recreation
(15 Recommendations)
$25,101,000 46.75%
Category H. Administration and Contract Agreement Reimbursement
(3 Recommendations)
$1,537,700 2.86%
Category I. Wastewater Treatment Recommendations
(1 Recommendation)
$2,000,000 3.72%
Total $ Recommendation $53,695,700 100%
Debt Service per M.L. 2018, Chp. 214, Art. 6, Sec. 4, Subd. 4 $7,840,000  
GRAND TOTAL $61,535,700  

Fund Source

$ Recommended
FY 2019 - Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF) $148,700
FY 2020 - Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF) $61,387,000
Total $ $61,535,700

*NOTE: Region of Impact designated in the State include Statewide, Central, Metro, NE, NW, SE, SW. Metro region includes the 11 counties of Anoka, Carver, Chisago, Dakota, Hennepin, Isanti, Ramsey, Scott, Sherburne, Washington, and Wright.

Original Proposal

Total LCCMR $



Region of Impact*
Category A. Foundational Natural Resource Data and Information
(16 Recommendations - Subtotal = $9,918,000)
001-A Minnesota Biological Survey - Continuation $1,500,000 MN DNR Bruce Carlson Statewide
002-A Minnesota Geological Survey Geologic Atlases for Water Resource Management $2,000,000 U of MN - MN Geological Survey Barbara Lusardi Statewide
003-A Restoring Native Mussels in Streams and Lakes $500,000 MN DNR Mike Davis Statewide
005-A Mercury and PFAS Risk to Minnesota Raptors $250,000 Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory Matthew Etterson Statewide, NE
014-A Minnesota Trumpeter Swan Migration Ecology and Conservation $300,000 U of MN David Andersen Statewide
016-A Spruce Grouse: Sentinels for Boreal Forest Connectivity $350,000 U of MN - Raptor Center Julia Ponder NW, NE
018-A Next Step in Helping Minnesota's Moose: Understand Brainworm Transmission to Find Solutions $400,000 U of MN Tiffany Wolf NE
025-A Mapping Habitat Use and Disease of Urban Carnivores $500,000 U of MN Nicholas McCann Metro
027-A Accelerated Aggregate Resource Mapping $700,000 MN DNR Heather Arends SW
032-AH Artificial Den Boxes for Fishers $190,000 U of MN - Duluth Ron Moen Central, Metro, NW, NE
034-AH Red-headed Woodpeckers: Indicators of Oak Savanna Health $171,000 U of MN David Andersen Central
035-AH Implementing Conservation Plans for Avian Species of Concern $124,000 Audubon Minnesota Kristin Hall Statewide
038-AH Aquatic Habitats for Moose and Enhanced Lake Foodwebs $199,000 U of MN Joseph Bump NE
046-AH Improving Statewide GIS Data by Restoring the PLS $135,000 Minnesota Association of County Surveyors Patrick Veraguth Central
274-J Unlocking the Science of Minnesota's Moose Decline $199,000 Minnesota Zoo Conservation Nicole Mattson Statewide
275-J County Geologic Atlases - Part B $2,400,000 MN DNR Paul Putzier Statewide
Foundational Natural Resource Data and Information Subtotal = $9,918,000      
Category B. Water Resources
(19 Recommendations - Subdtotal = $5,215,000)
048-B Neonicotinoid Insecticides: Occurrence And Influence on Algal Blooms $350,000 U of MN William Arnold Statewide
049-B Benign Design: Environmental Studies Leading to Sustainable Pharmaceuticals $415,000 U of MN William Arnold Statewide
050-B Wastewater Nutrient Reduction through Industrial Source Reduction Assistance $200,000 U of MN Laura Babcock Statewide
051-B Quantifying Microplastics in Minnesotas Inland Aquatic Ecosystems $200,000 U of MN - Duluth Kathryn Schreiner Statewide
052-B Outstate Wastewater: Improving Nitrogen Removal in Treatment Ponds $325,000 U of MN Paige Novak Statewide
053-B Stimulating Bacteria to Degrade Chlorinated Industrial Contaminants $150,000 U of MN Paige Novak Statewide
054-B Improving Drinking Water for Minnesotans through Pollution Prevention $345,000 U of MN Raymond Hozalski Metro
055-B Protecting Minnesota Waters by Removing Contaminants from Wastewater $250,000 U of MN Matt Simcik Statewide
058-B Reducing Municipal Wastewater Mercury Pollution to Lake Superior $250,000 Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Scott Kyser Statewide, NE
062-B Phytoremediation for Extracting Deicing Salt from Roadside Soils $360,000 U of MN Bo Hu Statewide
064-B Transformation of Plastic Waste into a Valued Resource $225,000 U of MN Brett Barney Statewide, Metro
072-B Accelerating Perennial Crop Production to Prevent Nitrate Leaching $440,000 Stearns County Soil and Water Conservation District Dennis Fuchs Central
076-B Farm-Ready Cover Crops for Protecting Water Quality $741,000 Central Lakes College - Ag and Energy Center Keith Olander Central, Metro, NW, SW, SE
077-B Setting Realistic Nitrate BMP Goals in Southeast Minnesota $350,000 U of MN John Nieber SE
100-BH Repurposing Unprofitable Cropland: Water and Wildlife's Silver Bullet? $100,000 Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Croix Watershed Research Station Jason Ulrich Statewide
101-BH Evaluating Locally-Sourced Sanding Materials for Road Salt Reduction $162,000 U of MN - Duluth Chanlan Chun Statewide
102-BH Minnesota Spring Inventory Final Phase $71,000 MN DNR Paul Putzier Statewide
106-BH Citizen-Aided Carp Management: Overcoming Roadblocks to Lake Restoration $106,000 Carver County Water Mangement Organization (CCWMO) Andrew Dickhart Metro
116-BH Spring Biological Nitrate Removal to Protect Drinking Water $175,000 City of Fairmont Troy Nemmers SW
Water Resources Subtotal = $5,215,000      
Category C. Environmental Education
(3 Recommendations - Subdtotal = $886,000)
122-C Camp Sunrise: Respect Self, Others and the Environment $237,000 YouthCARE MN Isiah Jones Metro
124-C Connecting Over 11,000 Students to the Boundary Waters $450,000 Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness Chris Knopf Statewide
143-CH Mississippi National River & Recreation Area Forest Restoration $199,000 Mississippi Park Connection Mary Hammes Metro
Environmental Education Subtotal = $886,000      
Category D. Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species
(2 Recommendations - Subtotal = $3,100,000)
160-D Building Knowledge and Capacity to Solve AIS Problems $3,000,000 U of MN MAISRC Nicholas Phelps Statewide
173-DH Oak Wilt Suppression at Northern Edge $100,000 Morrison Soil & Water Conservation District Helen McLennan Central
Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species Subtotal = $5,760,000      
Category E. Air Quality and Renewable Energy
(4 Recommendations - Subtotal = $1,485,000)
176-E Development of Clean Energy Storage Systems for Farms $650,000 U of MN - WCROC Will Northrop Statewide
186-E White Earth Nation Community Solar for Community Action $500,000 Rural Renewable Energy Alliance Vicki O'Day NW
190-EH Sustainable Solar Energy from Agricultural Plant Byproducts $185,000 U of MN - Morris Ted Pappenfus Statewide
196-EH Modeling Energy and Environmental Roadmaps for Minnesota Communities $150,000 City of Morris Blaine Hill Statewide
Air Quality and Renewable Energy Subtotal = $1,485,000      
Category F. Methods to Protect or Restore Land, Water, and Habitat
(4 Recommendations - Subtotal = $4,453,000)
202-F Saving Endangered Pollinators through Data-Driven Prairie Restoration $800,000 Minnesota Zoo Erik Runquist Central, Metro, NW, SW
213-F Promoting and Restoring Oak Savanna Using Silvopasture $750,000 U of MN Diomy Zamora Statewide
225-F Sauk River Dam Removal and Rock Rapids Replacement $2,768,000 City of Melrose Michael Brethorst Central
232-FH Conservation and Monitoring of Minnesota's Rare Arctic Plants $135,000 U of MN - Duluth Katharine Zlonis NE
Methods to Protect, Restore, and Enhance Land, Water, and Habitat Subtotal = $4,453,000      
Category G. Land Acquisition, Habitat, and Recreation
(15 Recommendations - Subtotal = $25,101,000)
247-G DNR Scientific and Natural Areas $3,500,000 MN DNR Judy Schulte Statewide
248-G Grants for Local Parks, Trails and Natural Areas $3,000,000 MN DNR Audrey Mularie Statewide
249-G Minnesota State Parks and State Trails In-Holdings $2,000,000 MN DNR Jennifer Christie Statewide
251-G Minnesota State Trails Development $5,000,000 MN DNR Kent Skaar Statewide
252-G National Loon Center: State Bird Survival and Protection $4,000,000 National Loon Center Foundation Leah Heggerston Central
253-G Accessible Fishing Piers $320,000 MN DNR Nancy Stewart Statewide
254-G Mesabi Trail Extensions $3,000,000 St. Louis and Lake Counties Regional Railroad Authority Robert Manzoline NE
256-G Britton Peak to Lutsen Mountains Mountain Bike Trail $300,000 Superior Cycling Association Tim Kennedy NE
257-G Preserving the Avon Hills with Reverse-Bidding Easements $1,600,000 Saint Johns University John Geissler Central
264-G Birch Lake Recreation Area Campground $350,000 City of Babbitt Cathy Bissonette NE
265-G Bailey Lake Trail and Fishing Pier $550,000 City of Virginia Britt See-Benes NE
266-G Vergas Long Lake Trail $290,000 City of Vergas Julie Lammers NW
269-G Glacial Edge Trail and Downtown Pedestrian Bridge $600,000 City of Fergus Falls Ryan Miller NW
271-G Crane Lake to Vermillion Falls Trail $400,000 Voyageur Country ATV Bruce Beste NE
272-GH Making the SHTs Big Bad Five Beautiful Again $191,000 Superior Hiking Trail Association Denny Caneff NE
Land Acquisition, Habitat, and Recreation Subtotal = $25,101,000      
Category H. Administration and Contract Agreement Reimbursement
(3 Recommendations - Subtotal = $1,537,700)
273-I Contract Agreement Reimbursement $135,000 MN DNR Katherine Sherman-Hoehn Statewide
--- LCCMR Administration $1,400,000 Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources Becca Nash Statewide
--- LCC Legacy Website Administration $2,700 Legislative Coordinating Commission Sally Olson Statewide
Administration Subtotal = $1,537,700      
Category I. Wastewater Treatment
(1 Recommendation - Subtotal = $2,000,000)
--- Public Facilities Authority $2,000,000 Public Facilities Authority Jeff Freeman Statewide
Wastewater Treatment Subtotal = $2,000,000      
Total $ Recommended = $53,695,700      

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